Issue 12 New Products 2020

New Products Issue 12 2020


We’re excited to present a selection of the latest new products from some of the biggest brands in the UK market! From KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough to Red Bull Zero, why not top-up your order with a new and exciting purchase?

You can view our full range of new releases, along with 24,000 more products, online!

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24 Per Case 1013664 Product Code: 42g


Frys Turkish Delight Lemon 3 Pack 153g 22 Per Case 1013687

Kind Apple Almond Spice 40g 12 Per Case 1013529

Whole ingredients like nuts, mixed with

fruits and spices bound together with honey.

Kind Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate 40g 12 Per Case 1013530

Gluten, dairy and preservative free healthy snack!

Purebite Almond Nut Clusters 30g 9 Per Case 1020997

Purebite Strawberry Clusters 30g 9 Per Case 1020996

Lorenz Crunchips Wow Jalapeno & Cream Cheese 80g 12 Per Case 1025509

Lorenz Crunchips

Wow Paprika & Sour Cream 80g 12 Per Case 1025510


Wotsits Giants Cheese 130g 9 Per Case 1048682

Wotsits Giants Flamin’ Hot 130g 9 Per Case 1048683


Popchips Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips 85g

Popchips Thai Sweet Chilli Potato Chips 85g

Popchips Sea Salt Potato Chips 85g

8 Per Case APOP-VIN

8 Per Case APOP-TSC

8 Per Case APOP-SEA

Popchips Cheddar & Jalapeño 85g

Popchips Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips 85g 8 Per Case APOP-SOUR

Popchips Barbeque Potato Chips 85g

8 Per Case APOP-BAR 8 Per Case APOP-JAL NEW to our Health range!

Ten Acre Crisps Hickory BBQ Crisps 40g

Ten Acre Crisps Cheese & Onion

Ten Acre Crisps Sweet Chilli Crisps 40g 24 Per Case ATEN-SWCH2

Crisps 40g 24 Per Case ATEN-CNO2

24 Per Case ATEN-HIB2

New taste. Same wiiings.

Taste the new Red Bull Zero! Zero Sugar. 100% wiiings.

24 Per Case 1058921 Product Code: 250ml

Princes Mackerel Sizzle Smoky Chilli & Tomato 160g 10 Per Case 1087061

Princes Mackerel Sizzle Rich Tomato &

Herbs 160g 10 Per Case 1087059

Belead Plain Yogurt 350g 6 Per Case 3701336

Kiddyum Cottage Pie 200g 6 Per Case 2016727

Made from almonds. Lactose, soya & gluten free!

For more information please contact your Customer Service Export Advisor or a member of our sales team:

+44(0) 1472 315 610 Adam Smith Street, Grimsby, DN31 1SJ, United Kingdom

Please be advised that all lines are subject to availability and minimum order quantities for our ranges apply.

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