Ten Fecks To Give

The reality is that the GIANT FECK is a low moment often spent in lonely despair and BIG girl tears running your mascara south but oddly it is you calling you on your bullshit and as the song says (The Script) "It is the end where we begin" in many ways. Now, all you have to do is not drink today no matter what else you do tonight in that kitchen of yours, do not give into Moderation Marcus and his bullshit of just 'one.' YOU and I both know you can't even drink one cup of tea let alone a glass of wine.YOU decide. You can decide what to call yourself at every step of this journey. You can choose your story and to whom you tell it. Stop thinking, "Holy FECK, if I have to quit drinking, I must be an alcoholic." The whole label of "alcoholic" had me paralyzed for years, wrapped in fecking knots. I did an online class and don't identify with any labels in this space, yet I learned I was addicted to an addictive substance and after the GIANT FECK kitchen moment, I enrolled in Sober School, took that help and guidance leading to a life of health and wellness. If you are afraid of labels, don't be. YOU decide what the label is. Try the label Fabulous, Badass, Sober Warrior, or Alcohol-Free as a fit and FECK everyone else.

You make rules and you break the fecking rules. You are like a local Ban Garda (Irish female police Officer) policing your own drinking within an inch of its life; some of you even count lemons if you are a gin drinker as an indicator of HOW MUCH you drank.. No matter what rules you set, you break them. You set out to have one glass but it never stays that way. YET no one outside the posh mahogany slate grey-painted front door knows a blind thing about your antics of an evening. But YOU know and that is all that matters in the GIANT FECK: admit your truth to you and be grateful for the GIANT FECK as it may well have saved your freaking life. You may be wondering why I would want anyone to give thanks to the GIANT FECK and I will explain. To me, this is the moment when we as women FINALLY begin the journey home to ourselves. We see that we have to do something, we have to get a handle on this monster destroying our every waking moment and to do so, we need to do something drastic. We need to stop googling and start finding an online course, quit-lit books we can read, a podcast we can listen to that goes beyond asking Prof. Google if are we drinking too much and instead taking control of our lives. I found an online Sober School (Kate Bee) in my GIANT FECK moment and signed up for 6 weeks of THE UNSTUCK course to help me put down my wine glass.

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