Ten Fecks To Give

What shocked the living life out of me was the 'type' of a woman in my online class and in Zoom- support-rooms. This woman looked normal (their vocabulary was alien to me in places as I am sure mine was too many but outside of the lingo it was great) They sounded like me. They were people I would choose to have a cup of coffee with and yet, I have never met these ladies in real life but they feel like my sober sisters and family. There is safety in numbers and the heavy blanket of shame and guilt felt lighter somehow... If drinking too much leaves you isolated and alone in your kitchen, giving the fecking thing up instantly transforms your world into a raft of lovely connections. Your phone is suddenly a lifeline to a chat group. Going to a support group feels a little odd at first but you will find yourself looking forward to the gathering nightly as it is a truth-telling space where you come as you are and the meeting leaders meet you where you are. It's real. You will laugh and you will cry but more than that, you will make wonderful friends in the fecking gathering - friends you didn't know you needed until you put down the wine glass. Trust me it is fecking badassery of the highest order when you find the balls and courage to say 'I have a problem and I need some help here.

FACT There are thousands of women being rendered powerless nightly in kitchens around the world. They too are embarrassed at how out of control there drinking has become. They too are guilty and feeling shameful. They too are feeling as if there is no way out of this and spend nights on end trying to talk to Moderation Mary in one last attempt to keep wine at their fingertips .


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