Ten Fecks To Give

What do women say?

"There is no way I would have been able to get sober without other people. I tried and failed having notched up 40 days and of course what did I do? I celebrated with FECKING wine.....OMG......" "But I don’t think just anyone could have helped me through those early weeks; they had to have walked my journey. There’s a striking contrast between the life I led before recovery (one of solitude, isolation and desperate loneliness) and this new sober life. I don’t think I’d be nearly six years sober without building connections with other people in recovery." Olivia Pennell "My sober girlfriends have been the game-changer for me and the ladies I have met through Hola Sober are like pocket sisters to me. I really like knowing they are there when I need it and I don't feel alone even when I am alone." M. "I did not go into sobriety looking for new friends, who does that at fifty odd years of age? What I have found is that these ladies don't need me to explain a single word and yet they know what I am feeling. They jump in before I even have to ask for help. Recently I had a big night out and was super nervous as it was my first sober night out with friends. It was SUPER to have them in my phone to message from the ladies bathroom when I felt unsure of myself and I got such support, it was just amazing." L.B.C. "If there’s one tip I would give to people new in recovery, it would be this: foster these new relationships with people in recovery like your life depends on it. It does in those first few months. These relationships are the bedrock of a sustainable recovery; they’re the people you call when you’re struggling. They’re the people who understand your struggles and can offer their insight or just hear you. They’re the people who tell you they know how hard recovery is and that you’re doing a great job. They’re the people who you call when you can’t sleep; and they’re the people that remind you how important it is to take care of yourself. They are your tribe, and they ground you in recovery. Without them, you can become disconnected from recovery be faced with new challenges like loneliness and isolation, which can lead to relapse." - Olivia Penell

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