Ten Fecks To Give


"The dead giveaways is, you set out wanting to drink a certain number of alcoholic beverages, but the lion's share of the time, you drink more than that. You consistently set out on a night's drinking thinking, 'I am going to drink X' and instead you consistently drink Y. That's it. If you consistently drink more than you intend to, that is the red flag. Think about it. Where else in life do you do that? I don't go out intending to have two soft drinks and then have four. I don't buy a whole cheesecake, intend to have one slice and then consistently, predictably eat all of it, despite trying, trying, trying to stop doing so (I realise many will struggle with this, and my sympathies go out to them). Thus I do not have a dependence on cheesecake. Simple. Cheesecake is not my thing. I do, however, frequently pick up my phone intending to look at it for ten minutes, and find that - whoosh - an hour has slipped by. Therefore I am somewhat (not heavily, but kinda) addicted to my phone. Like most of us are. Alcohol was my thing. My phone is my thing. And if alcohol is yours too, know this : there is nothing wrong with you. Only something wrong in the widespread notion that all of us should be able to 'take or leave' something wildly addictive. OK?OK. *Steps off glittery soapbox and drops mic* -CATHERINE GREY- Recommended Reading from Catherine The UNEXPECTED JOY of BEING SOBER SUNSHINE WARM SOBER

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