Ten Fecks To Give

This is a difficult but important feck to give.

This is big as I still have difficulty accepting Henri's goal keeping Ireland out of the World-Cup but the fecking truth is that once we accept that maybe hitting the drinks trolley nightly is not the best way to spend an evening - the better.


This feck requires a truth that you have not faced for some time. YOU need to stop running and face it and fall into your full power.

No one is coming for you, we must save ourselves

Once we have had the GIANT FECK, we don't drink and we learn about the pinkification of the drinks industry targeting women through marketing and the subliminal messaging, we are faced with our cruel horrible reality. We drink too much. We need to save ourselves as no one is fecking coming in the side door to save us. That's our fecking job to do - save ourselves. Fecking lean in to the acceptance of the realities of your drinking and all else will fall into place. Trust me. This is a fecking fact. Accept and the universe starts to work in your favour presenting you with what you need.

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