Ten Fecks To Give


Feck, for me, it is impossible to unknow what I know and my life is so much more fecking fablissssss why would I want to unknow the fecking knowing? Once you have read a quit-lit book, signed up to the class, listened to the podcast, and ACCEPTED your drinking career, the knowing is TOO BIG to let go of.

I CAN'T UNKNOW THE KNOWING If you unknow the knowing you are a fecking eejit buying into the bullshit of fecking relapse. Why the feck would you toss all your work down the fecking toilet? Or is it, you giving yourself the fecking opportunity to lace into another bottle when a curve ball hits? Grow up, this shite is tough, your life depends on this shite. Alcohol nearly killed you so fecking wise up.

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