Ten Fecks To Give



The joy of ritual is a personal choice. Many women live in complete freedom from the monstrosity that is alcohol, others lean into the ritual of routine to ring-fence their alcohol-free life. Some women go to a meetings as part of their sober ritual, others light candles daily. Some people prefer a spark of spontaneity in their lives and dread the thought of anything becoming too predictable and mundane but let's be honest, you probably have a morning routine of shower before coffee or after, of washing your hair Tuesday and Fridays only etc., Think of a sobriety routine as more of a valued ritual, the practice becomes full of purpose and for me that is what it is - with purpose. I am a fecking morning candle girl ending my sober ritual with a pledge I wrote (inspired by J. F. Kennedy which is bullshit for a bastardisation of words he utered changed and made to fit what I wanted to say) You create your own sober rituals whether they include meetings, sober connections or candles - the joy is you get to create what works for you and you alone. ANOTHER RITUAL I love is the ritual of fine glass ware. I bought a lot of vintage glasses at the outset of my journey as why should I not celebrate my zero drinks in a fancy glass? Again YOU decide but please don't fecking sell yourself short by putting your Friday evening drink in a juice glass........seriously, you are an adult not at a children's birthday party!


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