Ten Fecks To Give



Gratitude has been shown to literally change or rewire the brain (smarter people than I have studied this shite) by focusing on the things we’re grateful for. The brain can be trained to notice the good instead of the bad and I found I was so appreciative of EVERYTHING in my life that my journal was 100000's of words nightly as I swear who knew hot chocolate was THING? They were simple things but they mattered to me beyond words because not drinking meant I ACTUALLY fecking noticed them in the first place!! When life throws curveball gratitude is so very important and having practiced it for some time before the first one landed in sobriety, I went on auto-pilot finding gratitude even in the darkest of cloud settings. Making Gratitude Lists The easiest way to practice gratitude in your daily life is to make gratitude lists even on a post-it note but do it. Many women set time aside an early morning or before hitting the sober pillow and it gives them a lovely sense of what truly matters in life. If you’re having a difficult day and you’re having trouble thinking of things to add to your gratitude list, there are a few methods you can use to get your brain going: Look around you and write down everything you see that you’re grateful for (my dog, my fecking GOOD pure wool throw etc) Start with the basics – you’re alive, you’re sober, etc. Write down people you’re grateful to have in your life (or just your dog if that's the case but it's at least one thing) Make a list of all the good things that have happened since you got sober. YOU will be surprised how joy increases in your life once you find gratitude in your day and putting down the wine glass is really a chance for you to experience a level of joy that you cannot even begin to imagine was possible. This may sound like a fecking exaggeration but I have yet to meet a sober queen who regrets giving up the sauce and does not have a life that is A BILLION TIMES better than before - NOT perfect but there is joy in abundance in the simple things.


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