Ten Fecks To Give


I am Irish born and bred, from a city that speaks with a colourful vocabulary using the word 'feck' in a multitude of colourful ways. As the Founder of Hola Sober (named embracing my Spanish place of residence) I know the power of words and therefore to give a feck matters to me. Feck is a slang expletive we use as the less serious alternative to the expletive "fuck" to express disbelief, surprise, pain, anger, or contempt. "The most familiar modern use of feck is as a euphemistic substitute for fuck, as in the phrases Feck!, Feck off!, feck it, feck-all, fecker, feck(ed) up, fair fecks (kudos), (for) feck(‘s) sake, fecked (exhausted, ruined, in a bad situation), and the intensifier feckin’ or fecking, which often collocates with hell, eejit, gobshite or some such insult." - Stan Carey. Feck covers a multitude and to give a feck means to care and where women and alcohol are concerned, I give a feck. A GIANT feck to be honest.

I know how much of a fecking nuisance wine o'clock can become and worked very hard to free myself. I am also hugely aware that there are thousands of women still locked in the shadows of their kitchen laying into wine nightly wishing to stop but not knowing how to, or where to go for help. MANY fear the fecking idea of a smokey church hall for the next three decades of their life and need to know, that there are many pathways to recovery! Enter stage left, fecking modern recovery discovery without a fecking label insight. It is a wonder. It is fabulous stuff with women supporting women to live their best lives without the need for alcohol. Did you know that alcohol amps up your anxiety not reduce it? Or that guilt and shame you are walking around hidden underneath your good cashmere coat do NOT have to be your waking thought each morning? Nope, neither did I. Read on + find out the fecks to give!

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