Ten Fecks To Give

Jennifer Bridgman

Who knew that in a room full of strangers I could learn to find myself? Who knew that my inner rebellious side—the one I thought I'd have to bury when I quit drinking—would in fact be called upon every day to stay strong in a culture so obsessed with drinking? Who knew that I’m allowed to mourn something that I had loved, even when it was so obviously wrong for me because it’s a necessary step in truly letting go? Who knew that going to rehab approximately one year ago—a decision that nearly broke my heart and felt much like abandoning my husband and children—was the bravest thing that I'd ever do for them? That returning as a sober wife and mother will forever remain the single greatest gift that I’ve ever given them? Who knew that one day my own story, the one that I’d been so ashamed of that I was prepared to take it to the grave, would come to be my very favorite?

Who Knew...?

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