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“Is Arthritis Pain Slowing You Down From Enjoying Summer Activities?” FINDING RELIEF FROM LOW BACK, HIP & KNEE ARTHRITIS PAIN

There are many types of pain that come and go, but arthritis pain is one that typically does not permanently subside. While pain that results from injuries or overexerted muscles may linger for a long period of time, once the condition heals, the pain typically goes away for good. Arthritis is a chronic condition, and that means that the pain will often continue indefinitely, for years on end. There are ways to find relief from arthritis pain, however. Some of the best ways to find relief from chronic arthritis are through regular stretching, exercise, and targeted hands-on therapy. In one clinical study, researchers found that those who struggled with osteoarthritis in the low back, hip or knees benefitted more from having hands- on therapy applied by a licensed and experienced physical therapist than did those who attempted to treat the pain with medication alone. Hands- on therapy, featuring manual techniques and a combination of specific muscular movements and targeted exercises were shown to improve arthritis pain by 55% over the course of just several weeks. Strategic exercises and hands-on manual therapy can lead to an improvement in the quality of life for those suffering from arthritis by reducing the frequency and intensity of the pain episodes. Physical therapy can help reduce arthritis pain by:

• Strengthening the muscles surrounding the joints where arthritis is present • Improving bone strength and mass • Encouraging weight loss, which can reduce pressure on arthritis-inflicted joints In addition to hands-on therapy, there are other techniques that are helpful in alleviating arthritis pain. The use of specialty footwear, orthotics, and knee braces have all been proven to help to reduce the pain associated with osteoarthritis. However, these techniques on their own are not nearly as successful as when they are used in combination with ongoing treatment with a physical therapist. For more information about finding relief from the chronic pain of osteoarthritis, please contact South Toledo Physical Therapy today!

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