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Renting out a Refurbished Lease on Life A YEAR OF GIVING If you’ve been reading this newsletter, you know our dedication to the community. This goes beyond the service we provide to our customers to the community as a whole. We’re always looking for ways to give back, and over the past year, we were able to volunteer for several programs. This year, our family worked with Just One Project, one of Nevada’s local food pantries. They have an innovative mobile food pantry, stationary pantry, and grocery delivery program. Just One Project brings together hundreds of volunteers and community partners to meet the community’s needs. When the school season approached, we volunteered for Just One Project’s backpack drive. There were hundreds of kids in attendance! Each backpack was filled with an assortment of supplies to help them get through the school year. After each child received a backpack, they could get a free haircut. Hairstylists from across the city came together to volunteer their time to ensure every kid had the hairstyle they wanted for the new school year. It was such a great experience that we went back a few months later! We also participated in their Food Handout event in August at the Meadows YMCA. This time I brought my kids with us to show them how fortunate we are and why we give back to our community. There were around 200 families that attended. This experience was rewarding because you see how even families with very little are still grateful for what they do have. The Community Focu of Hawthor e

need. Just One Project had some community partners involved, but no one was looking for brand recognition — everyone just wanted to help where they could. Over the years, we’ve gotten creative with how to serve our community. With our Hero Program and our Senior Check Service, we’re able to give back to the area daily. Our Hero Program takes care of our vets and first responders. At no cost, we maintain their heating and cooling systems regularly. Not only do

they enjoy it, but our technicians do as well. They enjoy hearing all the stories from our local vets and first responders. It builds our community, and it

reminds our technicians that what we do can make a world of difference to someone. Our Senior Check Service provides customers with peace of mind knowing their loved one is okay, and we also ensure their heating/cooling systems are working correctly. At your request, we can do this and even offer emergency plumbing 24/7 to ensure that no matter what, your loved ones are getting the care they deserve. So, if you participate in any community events, let one of our technicians know! We’re always looking for more ways to give back to the community throughout the year. If you have any questions about our Hero Program or our Senior Check Service, never hesitate to reach out. Call us at 702-904-8028 for more information!

My wife even volunteered me to carry boxes out for the elderly! It was so heartwarming to see the entire area come together and give back to those in

“We also participated in a Food Handout event in August at the Meadows YMCA. This time I brought my kids with us to show them how fortunate we are and why we give back to our community.”

-Greg Hawthorne


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