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A Letter From Bridget

As March approaches and I am longing for the Spring to arrive, I have been thinking a lot lately about my faith, space and patience. Every morning I am up early at 4:00am desperate for quiet and a chance to collect my thoughts.  There are no distractions, and only time to think and reflect. Unless however, CoCo, my seven year old, sleepily follows me down the stairs… Why are we always so rushed, always trying to please and get somewhere that we aren’t now?

This morning I was up reading early and came across a wonderful quote by, Ralph H. Blum. It was so thoughtful and made me stop and think.

“There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.”

At any moment, as busy as we may be, we can be still and let this calmness enter in and fill our hearts. Every second there is something to be joyful for and by taking a few moments to think about one's life from a gracious perspective, our heart is warmed and filled up. All week there have been many conversations going on around me about “Joy”. What does it mean to be joyful? “Space”, How do I get my clients to understand the space inside their bodies and use their minds to heal themselves. How do we acquire this calm in our day to day lives? One of my favorite verses, Isaiah 26: 3 - 4, reminds me that there is something bigger than us and when we quietly spend the time to know it, it tells us,  

“You will keep in perfect peace  those whose minds are steadfast,  because they trust in you”

Perfect peace is what we are all striving for. Our souls crave it! I have noticed that with each, “Thank You”, the anxiety, stress, worry or never-ending desire to control everything is gently filled with peace. We all need peace and the way in which we can experience it is by taking the time to be grateful which in turn gives us the space to be filled up. Hope is also created as a result of these two simple words. A hope for something wonderful to come.  When we spend the time to be grateful for the things in our lives, we then become more compassionate. We start to see the needs of others instead of ourselves. The more I live my life in gratitude, the shift of my own problems seem to dim. I feel God blesses us in our gratitude. There is nothing as wonderful as showing love to another person when filled with this bigger love. This leads us to the most wonderful of places yet, trust. I have noticed that the more grateful I am, the more loving I become and the more I can trust in the workings of my life. We are able to give up the feeling of control and have faith in something bigger and better than ourselves. LOVE! I invite you to join Native Barre Studios this month.  While the strength of our physical bodies are so important and this you will of coarse find in our studio, I would also like to offer you a studio space that can help you find the “Peace” inside and the “Space” to know yourself on a deeper and more heartfelt way. My hope for you all is that you go through the next month with a thankful heart, a joyful heart and that all of us at Native Barre can help you find your peace.

Lots of love to you all,

Bridget C. Wilson

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