West Coast Chiropractic Experts December 2019

December 2019

Responding With Kindness

The Christmas Lesson I’ll Never Forget

a Christmas movie, but we had to see it!) Afterward, we headed to Hudson’s Grill for burgers and fries before going home. It was around 8 p.m. when we had settled into our table, and the night took a dark turn. Suddenly, a man burst into the door carrying a fabric bag and yelling at everyone to give him all of our money. As the restaurant became eerily quiet, he charged up to each table, demanding everything each patron had in their pockets. Shocked and confused, my mind went blank as the man made his way to our table. It hadn’t really sunk in that we were about to be robbed, but, before the man could reach us, the manager stopped him. There was a break in the loud silence of the restaurant. Suddenly, the man’s demeanor changed, as he agreed and shuffled his way over to the table the manager asked him to sit at. I can still picture the man’s back to the restaurant while the manager sat with him and quickly made sure he got his burger and fries. From where we sat, my brother and I could tell this man was desperate, homeless, and hungry. That manager sat and talked to him, listening to the “Hey, man,” the manager said. “Do you want to eat something?”

There’s nothing quite like the magic of holiday traditions. I can still remember the weight of my stockings every holiday and knowing there would be a big apple and orange at the bottom. My brother and I were allowed to open one gift from our stocking every Christmas Eve night. My mom would individually wrap each gift in our stocking, so it was like choosing from a bundle of mini presents that night. As the parents of 10-year-old and 6-year-old boys, my wife and I try to keep our traditions alive. Of course, today’s organic oranges and apples are quite small compared to the full-GMO fruit my mother would pack into our stockings, but it’s still fun to continue this with my boys. Besides, there’s nothing quite like the magic of the holiday through our sons’ eyes. we were young, so we would spend Christmas Eve and morning with our dad, and then on Christmas Day, we would spend the holiday with our mom. But every Christmas Eve night, my brother and I would go to a movie. Each year was always fun, but there’s one particular year that will always stick out. This particular year, I was 14 years old, and we had decided to see “Pulp Fiction.” (I know — it’s the opposite of My brother and I had many traditions growing up. Our parents divorced when

man’s story and letting him enjoy his first meal in who knows how long. As the man finished his meal, the manager handed everyone their stuff back, and the man left with little fanfare or even a call to the police. I learned two important things that night: One, that manager saw the reality of the situation and didn’t panic. It would have been easy to escalate the situation and call the authorities, but this manager saw what the real problem was. And two, sometimes the best solution is to respond with kindness.

Happy holidays from the entire Westcoast Chiropractic Experts team!

–Dr. Josh Satterlee



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