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On the wall at our firm and on the main page of our website, you see the words “where you matter.” They are there because they are the guiding force of our firm and they influence everything we do. It goes hand-in- hand with our mission. From our own personal experiences to witnessing how the most vulnerable people have become a target for others who benefit from their pain and loss, we know that it may not always feel like there are people who believe in those words. If you are one of these individuals, we are committed to helping you. You matter. When you believe so strongly in a set of values, you don’t just put them on the wall or up on your website — you live them. At the end of July, we lived our values by hosting the first Immigration & Injury Latin Fair with Plaza Las Americas. Our goal was to provide resources and support for the community we serve and love. It’s very important for us as a local firm to help build our community and work on filling needs we see all the time. We’re part of the community, after all! On the day of the fair, we gathered at the Plaza Las Americas with other local providers and community members for a day filled with warmth and generosity. We had the pleasure of interacting with so many wonderful FOR OUR COMMUNITY Celebrating the First I&I Latin Fair

people. We raffled off prizes and celebrated the return to school. Because buying school supplies can be a burden for families, we gave away backpacks and school supplies to young students. When you don’t have documentation, you don’t have access to insurance, and you’re forced to pay out of pocket. We wanted to provide some relief to families facing this huge barrier to health care. We reached out to doctors, chiropractors, and our friends to provide free health services to families, and a local nonprofit provided HIV testing. The first Latin Fair was a great way to say thank you to the community we call home. Thank you to the awesome people of Plaza Las Americas for standing behind our event! We also want to say a BIG thank-you to all of our participants and guests. Thank you to everyone who came out on this day! It’s an honor to serve you, and we’re so glad to be part of this great community.

I hope you enjoyed the first Latin Fair — we hope to make it an annual event. We know it hasn’t been an easy season to be an immigrant. The videos circulating of children and families being separated are heartbreaking. The first Latin Fair was our small way of reminding you that there are people who are here for you. You have a support network. You are not alone. You matter . –Keren Barrios

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With fall just ahead, it’s a good time to think about your spring garden. For a beautiful garden next year, begin preparing this fall. Here are a few ways to get a head start! PLANTING BULBS If you want beautiful flowers in April, you should start planting bulbs now. Many flower bulbs need to be in the ground before winter settles in; this helps activate the bulbs’ biochemical process that allows them to bloom. Getting the bulbs into the ground before it freezes allows their roots to grow deep enough to protect them from the biting winter weather. Among the flower bulbs you should plant soon are tulips, daffodils, irises, and hyacinths. CHICKEN WIRE After you’ve planted your bulbs, there’s a risk that uninvited guests will dig them up. There are a few ways you can ensure that your bulbs remain undisturbed throughout the fall. One way is to place chicken wire over your bulbs after they’ve been planted. This keeps rodents from digging them up and allows the plants to grow through the gaps in the wire. KEEP YOUR GARDEN TIDY Once you’ve harvested your best fruits and vegetables, go back through and harvest the rest, even if you don’t plan to eat them. Make sure your garden is clear of old vegetables, fallen leaves, and weeds. Leaving decaying plants in or on top of the ground can spread diseases into the soil and attract unwanted pests to your garden. HEALTHY SOIL Pulling up weeds and all of your vegetables can help keep the earth free from rotting plants, but there are other steps you can take to ensure that your soil stays full of nutrients. Pick up a kit to test the pH levels of your soil. Most gardens thrive in soil with a pH of 6.5. Add compost to your soil supply now to give it time to break down during the winter months.

With another school year starting up again, many people are concerned about saving money. If this includes you, here are a few ways to budget to better avoid the stress of pinching your pennies. BUYING SUPPLIES LATE The 2018 school year has just begun. Supplies, books, clothes, and athletic gear have been purchased and gears are already in motion. However, this is still a great chance for you to start saving for next year. After the price of school supplies drops, it’s a great opportunity to purchase them as soon as they go on sale, whether to save them for next year or ensure that you have plenty of stock throughout the fall and spring semesters. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES If your child is eager to join a sports team, drama club, or band, they need to have the proper equipment. To save money, consider renting or buying used equipment or instruments. For example, purchasing a brand new musical instrument can run into the thousands, but renting for a semester can cut that amount significantly. Buying used is a great way to introduce your child into an activity without the possibility of them losing interest. And if they outgrow their rental equipment, you can easily replace it next year. LOOKING YOUR BEST Clothes are one of the highest purchased items when the school year approaches. Everyone wants to look their best on the first day of school. One of the best ways to prevent spending too much on clothing is to space out the time purchasing new outfits. Purchasing clothes all at once can leave anyone winded. Waiting to buy clothes will save you from losing your money all at once and also guarantees that your children won’t outgrow all their new outfits during the year. Taking advantage of the sales that spring up after the school semester ends can help you save money throughout and even into the following year. Planning ahead for the school year is one of the most secure ways to save your cash. Knowing When and What to Buy This Year KEEP THE BIG PURCHASES TO A MINIMUM 2


Just listen to the experiences other clients have had.

When you are in a car accident, you may not be sure what to do next. It can be a scary time. You don’t know how badly hurt you are. After you make sure you and your family are okay, here are a few more steps to follow. TAKE PICTURES OF ANY DAMAGE. Document the scene, including your car and the other person’s car, and get information including license and insurance information. This will be necessary whether or not your accident becomes a case. DON’T ADMIT FAULT. Answer questions from police, but don’t talk about the details of the accident with anyone except police, insurance agents, or your attorney. SEE A DOCTOR. It is very important that you get treated for any injuries or pain that you have from your accident. If you don’t see a doctor soon after your accident, it will be hard to prove that your injuries were caused by it. CONTACT AN ATTORNEY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Know that at our firm, you will not be responsible for any cost associated with your accident or personal injury, nor for the legal services offered by our attorneys. Our team at Immigration & Injury Attorneys is here to help. After they have looked at the facts, they can help you figure out how to get compensation.

“Thank you so much for your amazing representation. I couldn’t be any happier. First off, I went to jail, bonded out, and was terrified of what was going to happen. Then letters started coming in. I was so amazed by how much Jorge knew the law, and not just criminal, but immigration as well. Although I was still a little scared, he went in the courtroom and not only made it better but wonderful. He’s a fighter, and I’m so glad I hired him. I recommend him 100 percent.”


We appreciate the kind words of people like Elvin. If you have had a good experience with attorneys Jorge or Keren, share your experience on our Facebook page. We are the Immigration & Personal Injury Attorneys. Visit our Facebook page to see more stories from satisfied clients. And when you are in need of an attorney who is knowledgeable about immigration and injury cases and how to successfully fight for them, call Immigration & Injury Attorneys at 678-934-4958.







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Even if you make a point to exercise every day and watch your diet, you can still face health risks you may not be aware of. Common daily activities can cause more harm than you’d think. SKINNY JEANS Though stylish, skinny jeans can create more problems than they’re worth. They can cause muscle damage and blood restriction when worn regularly for long periods of time. In fact, wearing any tightly fitted article of clothing frequently can lead to the same effects. To avoid these issues, don’t wear tight clothes for long periods of time and refrain from exercising in them. LARGE HANDBAGS Large handbags allow you to carry many items at once, but they can also pose a hazard to your health. According to Dr. Sabrina Strickland, an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, your body counters the weight of a heavy bag hanging from your shoulder by lifting your shoulder or leaning to the side, which curves your spine. This can cause muscle pain in the shoulders, neck, and back, along with joint strain. Decreasing the size of the bag you’re carrying and the weight of your items are great ways to counter this. SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING This has been a common new health statement to come out of many medical centers. Sitting daily for long periods of time has been proven to increase

health risks, like cardiovascular disease. One of the best methods to counter the effects of sitting is to take regular breaks. Every 30 minutes spent sitting should be coupled with five minutes of physical activity, such as a brisk walk. Even taking a few minutes to stand and stretch is better than sitting still for hours on end.

Don’t let these everyday activities stress your body out too much. Finding that perfect balance can be tough, but the results will pay for themselves! 4

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