Grocery Highlights 2023 by Ramsden International

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Welcome to Grocery Highlights; our annual selection of the very best grocery brands and products that the UK market has to offer. Throughout this brochure you will find everything you would expect to see in a typical British grocery store. From Cadbury’s chocolate and Heinz baked beans to Walkers crisps and PG Tips tea bags. Based on substantial market research and category insights, we have highlighted the most popular products in bestselling categories from our ranges of Everyday, Fine Foods, Health, Chilled and Frozen. Our Grocery Highlights selection makes a great starting point for new customers looking to import the very best of British groceries for the very first time; and a trustworthy, annual, go- to guide for our long-time customers, helping you to stock not only bestsellers year-on-year, but much-loved UK classics and favourites too. You’ll find more information about Ramsden International and the services we offer on the next few pages of this brochure, along with some category insights throughout which we hope you find useful! Grocery Highlights is just that – highlights from our full range of over 24,000 products, which we invite you to explore on our order capture system, called ROCS. How to order and some useful information can be found at the back of this brochure, along with our contact details should you have any questions at all. We hope you enjoy shopping this year’s Grocery Highlights range!

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