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8.573925 Release Date: 08 Jul 2022

Neil Thomson


Click to listen to Symphonic Suite No.1 ‘Paulista’: I. Cateretê LISTEN

César GUERRA-PEIXE (1914–1993) Symphonic Suites Nos. 1 and 2 Roda de Amigos * Raul Menezes, Flute * • Públio da Silva, Oboe * Patrick Viglioni, Clarinet * • Felipe Arruda, Bassoon * Goiás Philharmonic Orchestra Neil Thomson César Guerra-Peixe was one of the most versatile Brazilian musicians of the 20th century, gaining a particular mastery of orchestration and creating his own inimitable sound through extensive work in radio, television and cinema. The toe-tapping dance rhythms and lyrical expressiveness in his two Symphonic Suites were inspired by research into Brazilian folk traditions, further enhanced by a broad range of vibrantly eloquent global influences. The lighthearted Roda de Amigos mischievously caricatures Guerra-Peixe’s musical circle of friends and their various woodwind instruments. About Neil Thomson, Conductor Neil Thomson has been principal conductor and artistic director of the Goiás Philharmonic Orchestra since 2014, leading the orchestra to national prominence with its championing of Brazilian and contemporary repertoire. He also enjoys a busy international career working with all the major UK orchestras and with the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Russian National Orchestra, São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra, WDR Rundfunkorchester, Israel Symphony Orchestra, Lahti Symphony Orchestra, and the Romanian National Orchestra. He has performed with many distinguished soloists including Dame Felicity Lott, Sir Thomas Allen, Sir James Galway, Nelson Freire, Jean Louis Steuerman and Antonio Meneses. Companion Titles – The ‘Music of Brazil’ series

Key Features: •

This is yet another Naxos album that shows us what we have been missing through neglect of South American composers, being a programme filled with life-enhancing fun and stunning music-making, as well as an abundance of that strikingly atmospheric sound that is unique to Brazil’s various regions. • César Guerra-Peixe’s music is a rarity on CD, which is surprising given the immediacy and appeal of the works presented here. This is the first time his two Symphonic Suites have appeared together on one album, and in fact the first modern studio recordings of all of these pieces – this despite the comparative popularity of Roda de Amigos in Brazil. One of barely a handful of recordings of his work is the inclusion of the Three Pieces for Violin and Piano on our Images of Brazil album (Naxos 8.573923), considered a recording that ‘showcases the breadth and variety of Brazilian music by focusing on composers who use native forms, such as the bossa nova, chôro, frevo, and samba, combined with neo-Romanticism, Modernism and jazz’ ( WFMT Chicago ), and ‘the most delightful disc of Brazilian chamber music to come along in years’ ( Fanfare ). • Since its foundation in 1980, the Goiás Philharmonic Orchestra has committed itself to the democratisation of classical music in the Brazilian state of Goiás by placing particular emphasis on Brazilian music in its programmes. In 2012, the orchestra underwent a major restructure that ushered in its most fruitful and creative period and led to the appointment in 2014 of Neil Thomson as principal conductor and artistic director.





Goiás Philharmonic Orchestra



8.574323 Release Date: 08 Jul 2022


Adrian Leaper

Robert FARNON (1917–2005) British Light Music, Vol. 9 The Westminster Waltz Colditz March • State Occasion • A Star is Born Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra • Adrian Leaper Frank Sinatra dubbed Robert Farnon ‘The Guv’nor’ in 1962 when the two men first came together in London to work on an album. This summed up Farnon’s reputation as being synonymous with the highest standards of craftsmanship across the widest spectrum of music-making, earning him four Ivor Novello awards and the Order of Canada. His fame was established with BBC wartime radio broadcasts and the ubiquitous Portrait of a Flirt . Further success came with TV themes such as the stirring Colditz March and the impressionistic beauty of such gems as À la claire fontaine . The performances on this acclaimed recording are given with ‘warmth, polish and a remarkable naturalness of idiomatic feeling’ ( The Penguin Guide ).

Click to listen to Portrait of a Flirt LISTEN

Key Features: •

This superb recording of Robert Farnon’s magnificent scores first appeared in 1992 (8.223401). The Penguin Guide wrote that ‘Farnon’s quirky rhythmic numbers, Portrait of a Flirt , Peanut Polka and Jumping Bean , have much in common with Leroy Anderson in their instant memorability; their counterpart is a series of gentler orchestral watercolours, usually featuring a wistful flute solo amid gentle washes of violins… Then there is the film music, of which the Colditz March is rightly famous, and the very British genre pieces, written in the 1950s. All this is played by this excellent Slovak orchestra with warmth, polish and a remarkable naturalness of idiomatic feeling. The recording is splendid, vivid, with the orchestra set back convincingly in a concert-hall acoustic.’ • British Classical Music: The Land of Lost Content singles out Manhattan Playboy for special comment: ‘The musical portrait opens with an upward sweep from the strings. It is a work that is predicated around syncopation without ever becoming “jazz” or “ragtime”. The principal melody is a gorgeous confection for strings that dominates the entire piece. The progress of the music has many comments from woodwind, xylophone and brass. The entire piece is characterised by a rhythmic subtlety that is a feature of so much of Robert Farnon’s music.’ • Adrian Leaper and the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra have been standard-bearers for high quality recordings on the Naxos label for decades, and this re-release joins Eric Coates’ London Suite (8.555178) in which ‘The orchestra brings just the right amount of fun and flair to these familiar works by one of Britain’s light music heroes. The London Suite is just the tip of an enjoyable iceberg’ for BBC Music Magazine ; as well as Frederic Curzon’s Robin Hood Suite (8.555172), of which the Penguin Guide wrote that ‘The performances throughout are played with the finessed and light touch we expect from this fine Slovak series, so ably and sympathetically conducted by Adrian Leaper. The recording is admirable.’

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

Companion Titles – Previous releases in the British Light Music series











Nadja Stefanoff as Marta and Dshamilja Kaiser as Lisa © Oper Graz / Werner Kmetitsch

Key Features: • This work is therefore still making its way in the world, and this Oper Graz production is acclaimed for its moving performances and highly effective stage setting. This DVD release follows on from a CD recording of the same production released on the Capriccio label (C5455); as a result of which Die Passagierin was declared ‘One of the most important and most brilliantly composed operas of the 20th century’ by Online Merker . • ‘ Roland Kluttig and the Graz Philharmonic do a fine job here… The four main roles are excellently cast with Dshamilja Kaiser (mezzo-soprano, Lisa), Nadja Stefanoff (soprano, Marta), Will Hartmann (tenor, Walter) and Markus Butter (baritone, Tadeusz), both singing and acting. The interpretation of all involved is very clear, never overdone, without sentimentality, and yet always in the service of the characters being portrayed. Weinberg’s impressive music is of great beauty and grandeur. It is certainly one of the most perfect (and accessible even to the untrained listener) operas of the second half of the 20th century.’ ( Pizzicato ). • Director Nadja Loschky ’s productions have ranged from Britten and Mozart to Verdi and Monteverdi in opera houses from Kassel and Heidelberg to Cologne and Zurich. She was resident director at Theater Bielefeld from the 2016–17 season, and is now artistic director. Mieczysław Weinberg’s powerful Holocaust drama Die Passagierin channels his and his family’s ordeals of wartime and Soviet persecution, applying them musically to Zofia Posmysz’s autobiographical novel. The score was praised by Shostakovich for its ‘beauty and greatness’, with a narrative that unfolds on an ocean liner bound for Brazil on which a former Auschwitz guard and one of her Polish prisoners confront impossible moral conflict and harrowing flashbacks in music that is sparse, dark, sardonic and intermittently tender. This acclaimed Oper Graz production draws us movingly into the raw unimaginable madness of this imperishable moment in history. Mieczysław WEINBERG (1919–1996) Die Passagierin (‘The Passenger’) Opera in two acts Libretto by Alexander Medvedev based on the novel of the same name by Zofia Posmysz Nadja Stefanoff, Soprano • Dshamilja Kaiser, Mezzo-soprano Will Hartmann, Tenor • Markus Butter, Baritone Chor der Oper Graz • Grazer Philharmoniker Roland Kluttig, Conductor • Nadja Loschky, Stage director

2.110713 Picture format: NTSC 16:9


Sound format: PCM stereo and AC3 surround Languages: German, Polish, French, Czech, Yiddish, Russian and English Subtitles: German, English, Japanese, Korean Region code: 0 (worldwide) No. of disc/s: 1 (DVD 9) Release Date: 08 Jul 2022

Also available on Blu-ray Video: NBD0144V Picture format: HD 16:9 Sound format: PCM stereo and DTS-MA 5.1 Languages: German, Polish, French, Czech, Yiddish, Russian and English Subtitles: German, English, Japanese, Korean Region code: A, B, C No. of disc/s: 1 (BD 50) Release Date: 08 Jul 2022





8.559915 Release Date: 08 Jul 2022

Peter Boyer © Benjamin Ealovega


Peter BOYER (b. 1970) Orchestral Works Balance of Power * Curtain Raiser * • Fanfare for Tomorrow * Rolling River • Elegy * 1 • In the Cause of the Free 2 Radiance * • Fanfare, Hymn and Finale * Christine Pendrill, English horn 1 Bryn Lewis, Harp 1

Click to listen to Curtain Raiser LISTEN

Key Features: •

This is the third album of Peter Boyer’s music to appear in our American Classics series, following on from his popular Ellis Island: The Dream of America (8.559246), and his First Symphony (8.559769), which was admired in Gramophone for ‘a fluent, powerful style that fuses conservative American currents with Hollywood-ish size and populist sentiment’, and summed up by as ‘lots of fun, and a really good listen’. This programme, with its wide range of commissions for a variety of high-profile purposes and personalities, has at least as much appeal as that of the previous albums, and with the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) as a guarantee of the highest quality of musicianship this will be a release to attract wide audiences. • The LSO is known for acquiring loyal audiences during successful tours and residencies in New York, Paris and Tokyo, and as Resident Orchestra of the Barbican Centre in London it reaches a huge public with around 70 concerts every year. This new release joins an already substantial and highly successful catalogue for the LSO on the Naxos label.

James Fountain, Trumpet 2 London Symphony Orchestra Peter Boyer * WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING

This album presents eight of the most recent works by Peter Boyer, one of the leading American orchestral composers of his generation. Balance of Power was commissioned for the 95th birthday of former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, while Fanfare for Tomorrow was composed for the inauguration of President Joe Biden in 2021. Each of these pieces displays Boyer’s vivid soundscapes and tuneful American sensibilities, from the cinematic sweep of Rolling River to Radiance , composed especially for this album. Boyer’s GRAMMY- nominated Ellis Island: The Dream of America (8.559246) has received over 250 performances and was televised by PBS. About Peter Boyer, Composer and Conductor Peter Boyer is one of the most frequently performed American orchestral composers of his generation. His works have received over 600 public performances by more than 200 orchestras, and tens of thousands of broadcasts by classical radio stations around the US and abroad. He has conducted recordings of his music with three of the world’s finest orchestras: the London Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonia Orchestra, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Boyer’s GRAMMY-nominated Ellis Island: The Dream of America has become one of the most performed American orchestral works of recent years, with 250 performances by more than 100 orchestras. In 2017, Ellis Island was filmed in concert with Pacific Symphony (conductor Carl St.Clair), and a cast of stage and screen actors for PBS’ Great Performances, America’s preeminent performing arts television series.

London Symphony Orchestra



Sigismond THALBERG (1812–1871) Les Soirées de Pausilippe Hommage à Rossini: 24 Pensées musicales Francesco Nicolosi, Piano


Sigismond Thalberg was a virtuoso pianist whose training included studies with Mozart’s pupil Johann Hummel, and whose rivalry with Franz Liszt became the talk of Paris in the 1830s. Thalberg excelled in the fashionable solo piano genre of operatic paraphrase but, while drawing on themes by the ever-popular Rossini, Les Soirées de Pausilippe avoids ostentatious excess. Instead Thalberg preferred an elegant simplicity in which the piano is allowed to sing in emulation of the operatic originals. With rhythmic dances, expressive arias and more, this is a collection that embraces moods that range from Mendelssohnian charm to Chopinesque pianism. Key Feature: This is a re-release of a recording that originally appeared on the Marco Polo label in 1997 (8.223807). We have been raising the profile of Sigismond Thalberg in recent years with re-releases such as our Naxos 6 Disc box set (8.506042) which includes Francesco Nicolosi ’s recording of Les Soirées de Pausilippe , and whose performance were regarded by Gramophone as ‘elegant and often brilliant’. This title also follows the re-release of Thalberg’s Fantasies on Operas by Donizetti in May 2022 (8.555502).

8.555668 • Release Date: 08 Jul 2022

Companion Titles – Sigismond Thalberg, Composer 8.555503 NEW | 8.555502 NEW 8.555501 | 8.555498

Lorenzo PEROSI (1872–1956) Piano Quintets Nos. 1 and 2 String Trio No. 2 Matteo Bevilacqua, Piano • Roma Tre Orchestra Ensemble –


Leonardo Spinedi and Hinako Kawasaki, Violins • Lorenzo Rundo, Viola • Angelo Maria Santisi, Cello Puccini once said, ‘there is more music in Perosi’s head than in mine and Mascagni’s put together’. Priest-composer Lorenzo Perosi achieved international celebrity by the late 1890s for his sacred music, and he also composed a fine selection of chamber works that are little known today. Perosi’s Piano Quintets have a fresh and spontaneous feel, even though they were written while he grieved the loss of his brother. Combining bold rhythms and solemn spiritual depth, these works along with the Second String Trio are all respectful of tradition while representing an exploration of new paths unique in Italian music of the time. Key Feature:

We are fortunate to have the works in this new release being performed by leading members of the Roma Tre Orchestra Ensemble , an orchestra founded in 2005 and dedicated to excellence and the spreading of great music among younger generations in particular. Leonardo Spinedi, Hinako Kawasaki, Lorenzo Rundo and Angelo Maria Santisi regularly perform as first desk in the orchestra. Click to listen to Piano Quintet No. 1 in F major: I. Mosso LISTEN

8.574375 • Release Date: 08 Jul 2022 Companion Titles – 20th Century Italian Classics 8.570875 | 8.572628 | 8.572753 | 8.574049


William McCLELLAND (b. 1950) Where the Shadow Glides Songs, Solo Piano and Choral Works Cædmon’s Hymn • Five for Piano • These Last Gifts Various Artists


Internationally acclaimed composer William McClelland has written a wide variety of music in many styles and forms, but the works in this program have all been inspired by poetry. The choral works evoke the atmosphere of time and place in settings of very early texts, including Catullus’ movingly elegiac lament for his lost brother, These Last Gifts , an experience shared by the composer. The short pieces in Five for Piano all evoke specific poems and, composed over several decades, McClelland’s songs are primarily settings of poetry by American writers that express a mystical, symbolic or visionary view on nature. Key Features: • Composer and pianist William McClelland has been acclaimed for his ‘vivid music’, ‘appealingly direct manner of expression’ and ‘fertile contrapuntal imagination’ ( Gramophone ). This American Classics release represents his Naxos debut. • He has been the recipient of grants and awards from Meet the Composer, ASCAP, the Aaron Copland Fund, Massachusetts Council on the Arts, Dance Theater Workshop, the Four Freedoms Awards, Vassar College, Western Reserve Academy and others.

Companion Titles – American Classics series 8.559819 | 8.559815 | 8.559658 8.669030 | 8.669042-43 8.559906 • Release Date: 22 Jul 2022

Click to listen to Cædmon’s Hymn





Works For Two Cellos A. KRAFT • N. KRAFT • ROMBERG Alexander Rudin and Emin Martirosian, Cellos Musica Viva Moscow Chamber Orchestra


The emergence of the cello as a solo instrument at the beginning of the 19th century encouraged composers to explore its melodic and sonorous potential, with compositions for two or more cellos becoming increasingly popular. Bernhard Romberg and Anton Kraft both had personal connections to Beethoven – their works offer inventive timbres, intimacy and substantial virtuosity. The world premiere recording of the sparkling Concertino by Kraft’s son Nikolaus completes an album of unique gems, influenced by Beethoven and Haydn, which helped to usher in the golden age of the cello.

Click to listen to ROMBERG, B.H.: Concertino for Two Cellos in A major, Op. 7


Companion Titles – Previous recordings featuring Alexander Rudin 8.555992-93 | 8.558081-84 | 8.573966 | 8.573884

8.574386 • Release Date: 22 Jul 2022

Antonio SOLER (1729–1783) Keyboard Sonatas Nos. 96–98 Daumants Liepiņš, Piano


Like many Catalan musicians of his time, Antonio Soler received initial training as a chorister before his excellence as an organist ensured high appointment at the Escorial, Spain’s royal palace. Here he absorbed the influence of Domenico Scarlatti, and the keyboard sonatas Soler composed remain his most lasting contribution to musical history. The three sonatas in this volume reflect his awareness of trends in Viennese music and are notable for their vivid pastoral elements, refined delicacy and sizzling virtuosic demands.

Click to listen to Keyboard Sonata No. 96 in E flat major, Op. 4, No. 6: I. Andante gracioso


Companion Titles – Antonio Soler, Composer 8.573750 | 8.573863 | 8.574021 | 8.574344

8.574418 • Release Date: 22 Jul 2022


Evocations Contemporary Organ Music BLOHN • BRANDMÜLLER • ESCAICH • JORDAN • PÄRT Christian von Blohn, Organ


This album of contemporary organ repertoire features fascinating works that display a wide array of influences. Barry Jordan’s Praise Song , heard here its 2018 revision, draws on modern worship songs and African drumming rhythms, an element that also suffuses part of Thierry Escaich’s Évocation II, a work of electrifying intensity and vibrant colour. Arvo Pärt’s starkly beautiful Annum per annum is featured alongside Theo Brandmüller’s last work Sternenklänge . Dialogue vers les étoiles by Christian von Blohn – a student of Brandmüller – acts as a moving posthumous dialogue with his teacher.

Click to listen to PÄRT, A: Annum per annum


Companion Titles – The Organ Encyclopedia 8.570892 | 8.572169 | 8.572436-37 | 8.574252-53

8.579122 • Release Date: 22 Jul 2022


Kemal BELEVI (b. 1954) Cypriana Works for Violin and Guitar Silvia Grasso, Violin • Livio Grasso, Guitar


Kemal Belevi’s works for the guitar, either solo or in combination, as heard on this album, exude the colour and allure of the eastern Mediterranean. Without alluding to any specific tunes, he evokes Cypriot folk music in Cypriana , while the linked Four Sketches show his variety in the work’s bracing modernity. Belevi is at heart a romantic and a melodist of touching beauty as can be heard in Catch 22 and in the subtle colour study Clouds . The poignant Suite Chypre is heard in this special arrangement made for Silvia and Livio Grasso.

Click to listen to Air and Dance


Companion Titles – Kemal Belevi, Composer 8.574081

Companion Titles – Works for Guitar Duo 8.574389 | 8.574193 | 8.574061 | 8.573761

8.579104 • Release Date: 22 Jul 2022


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