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Do you end your day with a pain in the neck?. Our expert therapists are trained specifically in treating patients suffering from neck pain and headaches and we work to obtain optimal results. Natural PainRelief For Your NeckPain

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INSIDE: • Life Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain In the Neck

Neck pain is very common, affecting nearly 2/3 of people at some point in their lives. Neck pain can be the result of a trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident or a fall, or it may develop gradually without any known underlying cause. More recently, neck pain has been identified as amusculoskeletal symptomof stress along with shoulder pain, jaw pain and low back pain. Whatshouldyoudo ifyouexperienceneckpain? Mostpeoplebegintoexperienceneckpainwithout any accident or known trauma. Very few serious conditions, such as tumors or infections affect the neck. However, if you are over the age of 50 and have a personal history of cancer, we recommend you check in with your physician, especially if you have not seen them for a while. Additionally, if you have had a recent trauma such as amotor vehicle accident, fall, or have had something hit you in the head, we recommend you go to the emergency department or see your physician to rule out any serious injury such as a fracture or a concussion. In most cases the onset of neck pain is gradual. Sometimes it may result from a relatively minor event or simply, “I just woke up with it!”The good news isyoucanseeaphysicaltherapistatVCSST without a referral for at least 30 days! We can offer you an appointment the same week for a comprehensive one-hour evaluation and start treatment right away to get you back to doing the things you want to do. What types of things cause neck pain? There are several possible contributing factors to neck pain and thankfully, the most common ones are not serious and usually do not require anythingmorethanconservativePhysicalTherapy

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care. You may hear terms such as “Herniated discs” or “bulging/degenerative discs” that may sound very serious, but in reality, are not as bad as they sound. Current research has shown that herniated or bulging discs are very common in all people over the age of 30 without causing any pain. We now know that “Degenerative disc disease” isthenormalagingprocessofeveryone’s spine whether they have pain or not. Our Physical Therapists can quickly determine if conservative care is best for you. So what is it then? In themajority of casesmuscle tension and joint tissue irritation are themost likely causes of neck pain, and they can be treated very effectively with a combination of manual therapy, exercises and education. What is the best treatment? There is no “one treatment” for neck pain. Treatmentshouldbe individualizedbasedoneach person’s symptoms and examination findings, as well as their needs and goals. As we say at VCSST, “it’s not just physical therapy, it’s personal therapy.” You do not have to put up with that pain in the neck, call us today to start feeling better!

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The Secret Strategy That All Infants Know Life happens. There are deadlines, family issues, accidents, delayed flights, and work or school projects. We may have a night or two during the week where we are unable to get that 7-8 hours. But before you get dismayed about missing out on a good night’s sleep, there’s one more thing to consider- the all powerful nap. 20-25minutes is the ideal maximum time for a mid-day nap. Going too long can actually put you into a deeper sleep and can be harder to come out of and you can often feel more groggy and not as rested. However, you don’t want napping to become a habit- it is an effective tool to use when needed, but is not really a replacement for good quality nightly sleep. Bottom line, whether you’re recovering from injury, dealing with persistent pain, or handling a lot of stress in your life, make sleep a priority, just as you would exercise and brushing your teeth. Not only will you feel better in the short term- more alert, energetic, and productive, but you will be taking steps towards improving your long-term health as well.

In our fast-paced, competitive and often over- scheduled world, sleep is often the main thing that gets compromised. However, it may be the most important thing when it comes to healing and overall well-being. The data tells us that over 60% of Americans are getting less than the minimum  recommended number of hours of sleep per day, which is 7-8 hours. If we even get one hour less than that per day, over the course of a week, that’s an entire night’s worth of lost sleep. And, contrary to popular belief, The lack of sleep compromises the immune system and can have a significant effect on tissue healing. Cellular repair occurs in deeper stages of sleep which cannot be attained if sleep is disrupted throughout the night or is shorter than it needs to be. Sleep deprivation has been shown to increase local pain sensitivity as well as general nervous system sensitivity for those dealing with persistent pain. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” T hat’s just a line for the movies. And while I don’t want to be accused of fear-mongering, this very lack of sleep has been linked to many acquired “lifestyle” diseases that may lead to an early death, including high blood pressure, sleep cannot be made up. Sleep is Healing

cardiac issues, stroke, and cancer. It is also associated with reduced cognitive abilities, memory, and poor decision making. If that’s not enough, more and more research is emerging demonstrating that lack of sleep is linked to many musculoskeletal issues such as back and neck pain and headaches. While many people and physicians would prefer to not take medicine, sleep experts often advocate that for people who have had trouble sleeping for a while, a non-addictive sleep medication may be helpful to initially help get you back on track. However, this is something to discuss with your personal physician.

Sleep Strategies

Limit blue light exposure 1 hour before bedtime • Computers, tablets, cell phones • Blue light blocks the action of melatonin, which is important for helping induce sleep Create a “power-down hour” routine for yourself • Hot bath/shower • Stretching, foam-rolling • Reading • Deep diaphragmatic breathing/meditation • Some sleep experts like Dr. Michael Breus argue that TV may be okay for some people because it is usually located across the room so the blue light exposure isn’t as intense as using something close up like a computer, tablet, or phone. But he does advocate for not watching anything too intense since you don’t want to elevate your heart rate too high.

Know your optimal needs • How many hours is ideal for you? • Can you wake up without an alarm clock • Do you feel rested when you wake?

Caffeine intake • Drinking caffeine too late in the day can make it harder to fall asleep at night, so figure out when you should or shouldn’t have that last cup of coffee Alcohol • Even though it’s a depressant, drinking alcohol too late in the evening can impair your ability to get into the deep, restorative sleep that we need Hydration • Being adequately hydrated throughout the day is important but drinking too much liquid late can cause you to have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, disrupting a restorative sleep

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“After a car accident in August, my daughter and I both came for PT for several weeks. The whole staff is awesome and work hard to help us heal, are patient, and listen to what you need to get stronger with every visit. Thank you all for everything! Martin (therapist), Eric (vertigo therapist), and Alex (tech) - you are the best!”. - Melia S.

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Have youmet your Insurance Deductible or Out-of-Pocketmax yet? If you have, your cost for therapy may be reduced or even free! How can you check to see if your limits have been reached? You can call your insurance and ask them, or you can call us at 804-249-8277 and we will gladly check your benefits for you. Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Thanks to everyone who supported our Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign! VCSST matched your contributions and donated close to $500.00 to the VCU Massey Cancer Center. Thanks for your support!

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