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Gary and Charlene (Capron) Loomis ‘76 live in Connecticut where Gary works at Macy’s logistics, and Charlene works in insurance. They are also involved in ministry at their church. Linda (Gross ‘79) Stiansen and her husband, Gregg, live in Pennsylvania. Linda is a substitute teacher, and they have two adult children: Kari and Erik. Ian Grinyer (‘79) and his wife, Nancy, live in New Jersey. Ian is an artist and did the artwork his year for the Word of Life drama, “The Passion Play”. They have three adult children: Breann, Bethany, and Rosie. 1980’s Paul Austin ‘80 is now living in Florida where he is, in his words, “slinging hotdogs.” He has two adult children and seven grands. Larry Tarbox ‘80 and his wife, Judy, live in Pennsylvania. Larry is retired, and they have two adult children: Joy and Scott. Dave Lundin ‘81 and his wife, Sheryl, live in Delaware. Dave is the Pastor of Family Ministries & Administration at Faith Baptist of Wilmington. He and Sheryl have five adult children all married and all Word of Life Bible Institute grads. Sam ‘80 and Sherry (Siler ‘82) Frey live in Pottersville, New York. Sam is an Open Air Evangelist with Word of Life, and Sherry is an artist and does Open Air as a ministry. They have three adult children: Sara Manfry ‘05 , Shawn (Argentina BI) , and Steve ‘07 & ‘08 . Marc Oden ‘82 and his wife, Germaine, live in Delaware. Marc is Founder and Senior Pastor of Faith Bible Fellowship Baptist and Founder and Executive Director of Youth Spectacular. They have four adult children: Marcus, Marice, Jasmine, and Charmaine. Rick ‘83 and Eileen (Tyler ‘84) Craige live in Pennsylvania. Rick is a photographer, and Eileen is an RN. They have three adult children who are also Bible Institute grads: Jessica Sheridan ‘10 who is married to Greg ‘08 & ‘10 , Tyler ‘12 who is married to Chloe (Hossann ‘12) , and Spencer ‘15 . Suzanne (Hess ‘84 & ‘85) Brennan and her husband, Paul, live in Connecticut. Suzanne works in New York City for a retirement/pension company. They have three sons: David ‘14 , Daniel ‘17 , and Matthew. Kimberly (Stratton ‘85) Simonds is married to Ralph, and they live in New Hampshire. She has four adult children: Rachel ‘08 & ‘09 , Stephen

‘10 & ‘11 who is married to MaryLou (Price ‘10 & ‘11) , Andrew ‘14 , and Sarah. Kim is involved in a prison/jail ministry and is going back to school to become an addiction counselor. Bruce Wagner ‘86 and his wife, Margaret, live in Florida where Bruce is a Librarian and Adjunct Professor at South Florida Bible College and Seminary. They have five adult daughters: Sherry Toonder ‘90 , Rebekah Hoskins ‘95 , Leah Gabler ‘97 , Margaret Wright ‘00 , and Sarah Boyce ‘12 . Glenn Haury ‘86 works in real estate management in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. He also serves as an instructor with the Walk Thru the Bible ministry. Gary Rogers ‘89 and his wife, Beth, live in Ohio where Gary works in law enforcement and is involved at church in the youth and music ministries. They have four adult children: Rachel Tanedo ‘11 , Caleb ‘15 , Joshua ‘17 & ‘18 , and Noah. 1990’s Marion Kessler ‘90 and his wife, Sheri, live in Ohio where he works as a Financial Analyst and serves as President of the General Council of the Christian Union of Churches. They have two children: Timothy ‘17 and Sadie. Jennifer (Horton ‘91) Davidson lives in Lynchburg, Virginia, where she is the Aftercare Director at Liberty Christian Academy. She and her husband, Jason ’99 , have three children: Jason, Josiah, and Jeremy. Jodi (Rhoads ‘92) Rabquer and her husband, Bill, live in Ohio. After homeschooling for 16 years, Jodi is now working as an accountant. Two of their children are also Word of Life Bible Institute graduates: Will ’15 & ‘16 and Asher ’15 & ’16 . Nicole (Raimondi ‘92 & ‘93) Shanton and her husband, Dave, live in Virginia. She is a substitute teacher at the local public high school and works with teens at church. They have three children: Andrew ‘18 , Sarah, and Emma. Julie (Brooks ‘94) Hancik and her husband, Marek, are church planting missionaries with Titus International in the Czech Republic. They have three children: Ruby, Henry, and Luke. Scott ‘94 & ‘96 and Rachel (Rindal ‘95 & ‘96) Foreman live in New Jersey where Scott serves as the Executive Pastor at Fellowship Bible Sherry (Wagner ‘90) Toonder lives in Michigan and has two children: Abigail and Samuel.





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