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As many of you know, my office is expanding into estate planning, which includes wills, trusts, power of attorneys etc. In my personal life, several people close to me have suffered medical setbacks. These setbacks made me think about my life and what would happen to my family if I was suddenly unable to care for myself or died. I know some think this is a morbid topic, but it’s very important for everybody to consider. What happens if you are suddenly incapacitated or died? You may be very surprised. I found an old account I had not changed the beneficiary on. Please check your designation on any and all accounts such as bank, brokerage, and life insurance policies. If you have a will, make sure it is updated. If you don’t have a will, get one. The State has a plan and it may not be what you or loved ones want. I know you are busy, but once something happens it is typically too late to change anything. Take the time now for your peace of mind and for your family’s.

Summer vacation is a wonderful time of year. It gives kids a much-needed break from school and gives families a chance to bond. But three months is a long time, and soon the summer days of limitless possibilities turnmonotonous and boring. Make fun an intentional part of your summer by creating a summer bucket list in three simple steps. RECIPE FOR A GREAT SUMMER BUILD YOUR FAMILY’S SUMMER BUCKET LIST

1. Have every member of your family write down 10 things they would like to do this summer.

2. Type up the list or make a poster to hang on the fridge.

3. Start checking things off and have fun!

A bucket list is a great way to keep your family from spending the summer in front of the TV. It can also help your kids stay busy. When the dreaded chorus of“I’mbored!”starts, you can point to the list and suggest they check off a few items. Things like“Go camping”will require adult planning, of course, but the kids can turn a dog day of summer into a fun afternoon with“Build a pillow fort”or“Make homemade bubbles.”

Here are a few things to keep inmind to help your family create the ultimate summer bucket list.

Get the Ball Rolling Some kids might instantly know 10 or more things they’d love to do this summer. Others might struggle to fill out their list. Take care to not make suggestions yourself; your kids’ideas should be entirely their own. Instead, ask some questions to help spark ideas.

Stay safe,

-Ty Wilson

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