Mayor alarmed with Curran’s phone troubles GREGGCHAMBERLAIN vide the same courtesy.

has had several recent severe lightning storms that caused power failures. Bell Aliant has backup battery systems to main- tain service during power outages but technicians discovered some of the battery backups serving the Curran area were not as strong as they used to be. Those batter- ies have been replaced.

phone company is doing upgrades on ser- vice but he has not received any details. The mayor noted that Hydro One issues notices to local media and its customers when it plans temporary service interrup- tions as part of its upgrade and mainte- nance schedules. He wonders why Bell Aliant cannot pro-

Mother Nature the culprit? A Bell Aliant email in response to a call from the Vision stated that the company is aware of the problem with Curran’s phone and Internet service and that technicians are sent out to deal with each report. The company noted that the Curran area

Curran | Phone service has been uncer- tain for some households in the village of Curran and surrounding area for the past few weeks. It’s prompted Mayor Jean-Yves Lalonde to page Bell Aliant. “I’m worried,” said the mayor for Alfred- Plantagenet Township during a phone interview. “If you have any (phone) prob- lems for emergency services, you’re in a bad way.” The mayor has received complaints from some residents in the Curran village area about surprise interruptions in their phone service and also problems with cellphone “dead spots”. He said the com- plaints cover a period for the past three weeks. Some householders find their phones have no dial tone at all while others hear a loud crackling over the line but are still unable to put a call through or hear anyone who might be calling them. Left alone normal phone service resumes after a period of time but there is no guaran- teed time limit to the loss of service. Mayor Lalonde is concerned how the surprise loss of service could affect the 300 to 400 households in the village area should residents need to call for fire, am- bulance or police. He has called Bell Aliant about the situation and been told that the VOTRE MAISON EST EN BESOIN DE RÉPARATION URGENTE OU D’ACCESSIBILITÉ Grâce au Programme d’investissement dans le logement abordable de l’Ontario Rénovations Ontario Votre maison nécessite des réparations d’urgence ou vous devez modifier votre demeure pour accroître l’accessibilité mais vous n’avez pas les fonds pour réaliser ce projet? Les Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell participent au Programme d’investissement dans le logement abordable de l’Ontario (PILAO). Des fonds ont été engagés dans le cadre du PILAO afin d’aider les ménages à revenu faible et modéré de toutes les régions de la province à faire des rénovations d’urgence ou des rénovations pour accroître l’accessibilité. Le volet Rénovations Ontario du PILAO donne l’opportunité à un prêt-subvention pour permettre aux ménages à revenu faible et modéré d’exécuter des rénovations d’urgence ou d’accessibilité, ce qui ne leur serait pas possible dû à leur situation financière. Les demandeurs doivent être âgés d’au moins 18 ans et avoir une résidence principale et unique dans Prescott et Russell. Le revenu combiné ne dépasse pas le revenu maximal admissible de 50 000 $ et la valeur de la propriété doit être inférieure à 150 000 $. Pour savoir si vous êtes admissible au programme, aller en ligne ou communiquer avec notre bureau. 1. En ligne : s o c i a u x / l o g e m e n t - s o c i a l / p r o g r a mm e - investissement-logement-abordable-ontario-pilao/ renovations-ontario 2. Contacter Isabelle Péladeau, Coordonnateure de projets, Logement abordable aux 613-675-4642 au poste 6501. Les demandes doivent être reçues avant 15 h le 7 septembre 2012. Toutes demandes reçues après cette échéance seront considérées en retard et vous seront retournées sans avoir été ouvertes. **La liste complète des critères de sélection est disponible avec la demande. Note : Nous ne pourrons procéder au processus de sélection si toutes les pièces justificatives exigées ne sont pas incluses avec votre demande. 3. En personne au bureau de l’Orignal : 59, rue Court, L’Orignal ON K0B 1K0

Back to school, with or without deal by bargaining with all of our employee unions and that negotiation will continue for several months before we reach a final contract.” The government wants a deal with the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Associa- tion, which has accepted a pay freeze, to serve as a “road map” for other unions. NEWSROOM@EAP.ON.CA PRESCOTT-RUSSELL

The comments were made as the Ontario government ended M.P.P.s’ summer recess early, recalling the legislature for Monday so it can deal with a proposed bill to force a wage freeze on teachers.

The largest teachers unions, the Elemen- tary Teachers Federation of Ontario and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, say they want to continue ne- gotiating with school boards.

BROCKVILLE | Bad news for students who think labour strife may prolong their summer break. The Upper Canada District School Board wants all of its students and their parents to know that schools will be open on Tuesday, September 4 for the beginning of the new school year. September 4 is also the first day of classes for students attending schools ad- ministered by the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario. “Some people may believe that schools won’t be open because we don’t have collective agreements with our teachers, and that is simply not true,” says UCDSB Director of Education David K. Thomas. “We continue to follow the legal process

Be on the look-out for buses Motorists are being reminded to be on the look-out for school buses and students as classes resume next week. French-language schools will resume classes August 28 while English-language schools re-open September 4. Area police detachments stress that while on a highway while meeting a stopped school bus that has its overhead red signal-lights flashing, every motorist shall stop be- fore reaching the bus and shall not proceed until the bus moves or the overhead red signal-lights have stopped flashing. Many of children walk to school. Motorists should also be aware of the increased pe- destrian traffic around our local schools, as children make their way for their first exciting day. Reduce your speed in school zones and be extra cautious.


SERVICES / SERVICES • Résidence pour les aînés / Home for the aged • Salle de bains adaptée / Adapted bathroom

IN NEED OF EMERGENCY OR ACCESSIBILITY REPAIR FOR YOUR HOME Through Investment in Affordable Housing for Ontario Ontario Renovates

• Système de caméras de surveillance / Security Camera System • Air climatisé/Ascenseur/Génératrice / AC/Elevator/Generator • Coiffeuse sur place / Hairstylist on premises

• Service de buanderie / Bedding and personal laundry • Service de navette / Shuttle services • Activités quotidiennes / Daily activities • Repas maison santé / Healthy homemade meals • Soins de répit / Respite SOINS MÉDICAUX / HEALTH CARE • Directrice / Director: Linda Riopel • Visite du médecin 3 fois par semaine / Doctor visit 3 times a week

Your home requires emergency repairs or you need to make changes to your home to increase accessibility but do not have the funds for this project? The United Counties of Prescott and Russell are participating in the Investment in Affordable Housing for Ontario (IAH). Funds from the IAH program have been committed to help households with low or moderate income throughout the province to make emergency renovations or renovations to increase accessibility. The Ontario Renovates component of the IAH gives the opportunity of funding through a forgivable loan for low and moderate income households to perform emergency or accessibility renovations which would not be possible due to their financial situation. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and own a home that is their sole and primary residence in Prescott and Russell. The combined income must not exceed the maximum eligible income of $50,000 and the value of the property must be less than $150,000. To find out if you are eligible, please go online or contact our office. 1. Online : services/social-housing/investement-affordable- housing-iah/ontario-renovates 2. Contact Isabelle Péladeau, Projects Coordinator, Affordable Housing Program at 613-675-4642 ext. 6501. 3. In person at the L’Orignal office 59 Court Street, L’Orignal ON K0B 1K0 Applications must be received by September 7th, 2012 before 3:00 p.m. Any applications received after this date and time will be considered late and will be returned unopened. **The full list of admissibility criteria is available with the application. Note:We will not be able to start the selection process if we do not have all the necessary documents attached with your application.

• Personnel 24 h/24 / 24hr/24 personnel • Infirmière / Nurse: Marguerite Kemp RN

• Prélevements sanguins sur place / Bloodwork done on premises • Soins complets donnés aux résidants / Complete care give • Soins des pieds mensuels gratuits / Free monthly foot care • Physiothérapie 3 à 5 jours par semaine / Physiotherapy 3 to 5 days a week

Au plaisir de vous recevoir! Looking forward to seeing you!

Commencant à : / Starting at: $1,495.00 Par mois, tout inclus / Monthly all included Chambre privée avec salle de bains privée Private room with private bathroom

1988, rueMain St., Chute-à-Blondeau, ONK0B 1B0 Tél. : 613 632-3434—Téléc./Fax: 613 632-9433 Courriel/Email: •

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