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Media Converters

Fibre media converters are simple networking devices that make it possible to connect two dissimilar media types, such as twisted pair with fibre optic cabling. They were introduced to the industry nearly two decades ago and are important in interconnecting fibre optic cabling-based systems with existing copper-based, structured cabling systems. Fibre media converters support many different data communication protocols including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, T1/E1/ J1, DS3/E3, as well as multiple cabling types such as coax, twisted pair, multi-mode and single-mode fibre optics.

Media converter types range from small stand alone devices and PC card converters to high port-density chassis systems that offer many advanced features for network management. Other benefits of media conversion include providing a gradual migration path from copper to fibre. Fibre connections can reduce electromagnetic interference. BGB Media converters can now be produced to enable multiple ethernet connections and built in switches.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb telemetry .com


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