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MARCH 2020




R aising kids can be a challenging endeavor. When are growing up in a world very different from the one Heather and I knew when we were teenagers. We are far from perfect parents, but we do our best. This article chronicles some of our successes and some of our less than stellar moments. We hope you can learn from some of our failures and find entertainment in the moments we share. KIDS AND USED CARS After about 25 arguments and a summer schedule that would send my boys in different directions, I finally came to the conclusion I was postponing as long as possible: My boys needed their own cars! My son Andrew was fortunate enough to receive a 2002 GMC pickup truck from his grandmother. This truck had one of the coolest paint jobs you have ever seen. Depending on how the sun hits the car, it changes from purple to orange to red. It has also served as our family’s go-to vehicle for hauling recyclables and any other project where a pickup was needed. However, it was about time for Chandler to have his own wheels as he had a full-time summer job at Camp Equinox, and there was no way we could reconcile his schedule with Andrew’s. Buying a used car is not for the faint of heart. Although it has been about 10 years since I was in the used car market, I set out with Chandler to hopefully purchase a car that would be new to him. We had a budget (which we broke a little) and an idea of what we wanted. As a seasoned negotiator and someone who appreciates cars, I was ready to guide my son through his first purchase. Heather and I married in 2013, she agreed to take on not only a husband but also two boys, Andrew, 12, and Chandler, 11. The boys are now 18 and 19 years old and

“Whatever you do, Chandler, do not buy the first car you see.” In response, Chandler said, “Hey dad, let’s check out this Volvo. It will be easy to say no to this one!” There it was, off-white with a ski rack and four spare summer tires in the back. It had about a half-dozen bumper stickers on the back, all causes Chandler believed in. After about a five-minute test drive, it was all over! We broke the cardinal rule of purchasing a used car. Those damn Swedes build an irresistible car.

- Lucas Foust

The No. 1 rule for anyone looking for a used car is you cannot buy the first car you find. So, I instructed Chandler accordingly,

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