King's Business - 1957-04

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go to church any more. Then two years ago we were all converted and became members of a Conservative Baptist church. God has greatly blessed us as we labor for Him together. It is indeed wonderful to know that one is saved now and not have to wait till Jesus comes to know whether you will be or not. We have met with plenty of opposition both from my family and the SDA church. But God has seen us through every trial and given us the words to speak. It has meant real Bible study on our part in order to cope with the many questions and accusations that have come to us. The recent articles in Eternity have been disgusting to us. Someone sends a Review & Herald to me once in awhile and they still print the very things Eternity says they now deny. I have known some pretty disgusting things and beliefs that have gone on in the SDA church since I was 16. I only wish I had the nerve to leave it long ago. We children were always afraid to go against our parents' wishes. The Adventists are so filled up with Mrs. White's interpre­ tations that they will only read what she prescribes for them to read and seem afraid to read before and after to find the real meaning of a verse. I was impressed to speak to my brother and sister-in-law only recently. They seemed so unhappy. They said they have always felt empty . . . just like something was missing. The sister-in- law is now ready to step out, but my brother is afraid. They too were told that all they had to worry about was keeping the law and we weren't to have any feeling. If we did, it was spir­ itualism working in us. Believe me, you know when you are saved and have Christ as your Saviour and you don't need someone to tell you. Before two years ago I wouldn't listen to my husband when he read the Bible, until one day he read to me Galatians 5:4. I began to see the light and began to do some studying on my own. It's all so wonderful I want to shout His praises to all. (The writer's name and address is in our confidential files.—ED.)

For Dr. Talbot's 8-page report on SDA see page 23

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