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NOTES FROM ANDREW If you have read some of our past newsletter “notes” you likely have noticed the theme “the best laid plans don’t always work the way we want”. aches and pains all over (neck, back, knees and even my right shoulder) in the past month than I have had since I started being more consistent with my exercise routine. Apparently, this exercise stuff actually works. The question is - is my discipline and desire to avoid these aches and pain strong enough to get back to exercising more regularly again?

Even with the best goals, best plans and taking the time required to make these goals and plans – we don’t always get what we think we will (or should) get. Last month I was talking about ways to hopefully make New Year’s resolutions stick and the fact that goals and measurements matter to our success. I started the year with the goal of exercising no less than four times per week with specific strength, mobility and endurance activities. I also started the year with a vacation goal (by the way – these two things don’t mix well). I did get a vacation in, but I will assure you that I did not get four times of exercising that week. We have also been traveling for my daughter’s volleyball team. While this is an awesome experience, it also does not mix well with trying to exercise four times in a week. It can be done – but by someone more disciplined than me! As I have returned from vacation/travel, we have been busy trying to finish up with 2019 year-end business, ongoing busy clinics here in Johnston and in Ankeny and a busy family schedule. For more excuses – I’ve battled a cold or sinus infection over the course of the month which I will assure you did not motivate me to exercise. It’s scary how I can feel the difference in my body this month even compared to last month. I still feel better than I did when I was much younger (let’s say more than a decade ago) and diet/exercise was not as regular part of my routine. I’ve had more

I think what I’ve RE-learned these last few weeks is you cannot have everything! I cannot have vacation, full work load, get sick and have a full family schedule and still find time to get my exercise (and other personal goals) accomplished. I actually like what we have accomplished so far this year (except for dropping off from my exercise schedule/plans). Typically, I might beat myself up for something like this. Not that beating myself up has proven to help anything in the past, but I have high expectations, not just for others around me and for my clients – but for myself. I’m trying something new. I am accepting that I dropped the ball with my exercise goals, and have paid a little price. I am going to reset and see if I can IMPROVE my consistency in the coming weeks and see if I can feel the difference. I don’t expect that I will achieve perfection, but progress is better than failure. So, if you are like me and have some new plans that aren’t working out the way you had hoped, don’t beat yourself up, see if you can improve from where you are at now and build on your success. We all know the expression “failure loves company”- I’m convinced that success loves company too. Might as well go for the success (I guarantee it’s more fun). When its success related to your health, you will feel better too!


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