Board Converting News, March 1, 2021

Alpha Packaging Delivers Customized Solutions With Help From Baysek Machines Alpha Packaging, Inc. was founded in 1987 and is the largest indepen- dent corrugated plant in Arkansas, according to President Mike Stec. The 150,000-sq-ft facility in Greenwood sits on 14 ½ acres and converts about 23 million-sq-ft of board per month. The company has grown consider- ably since its founding. It was started in a design room and relocated to a 20,000-sq-ft building in 1988 and then a 30,000-sq-ft facility in 1989. It was moved to its current facility in 1992 and has expanded several times, adding warehouses in Missouri, Louisiana, Fort Smith and Springdale, AR.

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The manufacturing floor is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, capable of creating virtually any style container, including triplewall, and plastic corrugated. There is even a foam plant within the box plant, which pairs well with in-house kitting. There is also custom made equipment for special projects. Stec describes Alpha Packaging as “service intensive,” providing cus- tomers with vendor management inventory requirements and design op- portunities. Over the years, investments in machinery, staffing and design capabil- ities have ensured high customer retention and satisfaction. One of the newer purchases is a C-170 fully automatic rotary anvil flatbed diecutter from Baysek Machines. The diecutter can cut, strip, count and stack up to 60,000 pieces per hour or 1800 sheets per hour. Stec says he contacted Baysek in 2018 and knew the machine would fit perfectly into his operations as labor became more difficult to find. “We were looking for ways to reduce the number of hand touches required in stripping, stacking of interior diecut packaging and even preparing pizza boxes to cycle through the shrink tunnel.” The C-170 produces nick-free, multiple-out diecuts with one operator. It is ideal for partitions, bakery and pizza circles, and food and pharmaceuti- cal boxes. It can handle sheet sizes from 20- x 20-inch up to 55- x 67-inch and flute thicknesses from F- to B/C-doublewall. While the machine does not run as fast as Alpha Packaging’s other rotary diecutters in the plant, he says, “It can run a larger multiple out because you don’t have to worry about stacker issues. The Baysek is a classic sheet plant piece of equipment that gives your plant capabilities which competition does not have.” The C-170 rotary anvil flatbed diecutter from Baysek Machines is providing la- bor saving efficiencies for diecut corrugated packaging and even foam.




March 1, 2021

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