Board Converting News, March 1, 2021

SUN Automation Group Introduces Helios AI/Machine Learning Platform Glen Arm, Maryland based SUN Automation Group last week announced the launch of Helios, the new AI and Ma- chine Learning platform tailored specifically to the corru- gated converting industry. The platform is OEM-agnostic and engineered to provide corrugated manufacturers ac- cess to robust, actionable insights into the performance of their machines -- enabling minimized downtime, optimized maintenance schedules, and maximized profit. Helios is a product of SUN Automation Group. “IIoT makes every bit of data actionable,” says Helios Director of Technology Matthew C. Miller. “So many cor- rugated plants rely on human intuition and experience to drive their decisions. With Helios, anomalies that are im- perceptible to the most well-trained operators can be de- tected in real time and acted upon. The machine learning capabilities will mean that the platform only gets smarter the more data and user reactions that it is able to process.” The new platform is designed to minimize downtime, maximize profitability, and decrease the opportunity cost associated with only taking machines offline for preventa- tive maintenance (as opposed to for major malfunctions). These high-level benefits manifest themselves in specific cost and resource-optimizing operational benefits and ac- tionable insights.

Some of the most beneficial insights are preventative/ proactive parts ordering, knowledge about the exact time and cost of parts replacements, the ability for operators to pinpoint the source of slowdowns and other issues, and operator-efficiency training to help machine operators learn and adapt to best practices.

“We understand that data is only as powerful as the actionable insights it can provide,” says Chris Kyger, Presi- dent, SUN Automation Group. “That’s why we are so excit- ed to bring Helios to the corrugated industry. This incred- ible technology will help box plants increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and downtime.” Helios provides three key benefits: remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and anomaly detection. CONTINUED ON PAGE 24

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March 1, 2021

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