Board Converting News, March 1, 2021


AES Souderton, Pennsylvania: Jeff Dieterich reports, “2020 proved how essential the box industry is to the health and safety of our country, keeping us fed, clothed, and healthy while shelter- ing at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The huge uptick in de- mand for boxes and cartons during this time has led to an increased need for high-quality scrap handling equipment and systems capable of managing the demand, as well as the associated mainte- nance and support services. “If the year taught us anything, it was the importance of instilling adaptability and resilience in an organization’s culture and business strategy. Innovative is not just a word that describes our brand’s personality; it’s a value that ev- eryone at AES embodies, and we quickly found new ways to adapt our business to changing times. We solve scrap conveyance problems every day for our customers, and with a lot of planning, pivoting, and new safety protocols, we haven’t missed a beat in delivering exceptional system installations and field service. “Of course, we could not have done this without our Jeff Dietrich

fantastic team members, who rose to the occasion and continue to perform their work under sometimes challeng- ing conditions. In fact, we’ve doubled down on our com- mitment to customer service, finding inventive ways to meet customer needs wherever and whenever they arise. “This customer-centric approach gave us the opportu- nity to roll out AES VTech, a new solution for offering more convenient scrap system services. Like telemedicine for your scrap system, AES VTech is a virtual technical assis- tance program that leverages remote technology to eval- uate, diagnose, and service scrap system performance problems for greater business continuity. The program has proved to be an effective method of conducting scrap system analyses and virtual site visits when in-plant work is restricted. “2021 is off and running, as box companies move for- ward with their expansion plans and new initiatives. Or- ders for the AES AirShark™ rotary material separator were up by 50 percent in 2020—a trend we expect will contin- ue this year. Dust control issues will remain important for box companies to manage, not only to maintain OSHA and NFPA compliance but to support the safety and productiv- ity of their operations.



March 1, 2021

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