Board Converting News, March 1, 2021

Supplier Reports, Part 5 (CONT’D FROM PAGE 26)

our customers and assisted with moving their workforce remote, gaining better control over their costs, improving operational efficiencies, and inte- grating their systems to drive costs down and improve capacity. As we step into 2021, we are seeing a greater demand from businesses in the packaging industry to manage and address new supply chain chal- lenges, continue to improve opera- tional efficiency, and boost bottom-line performance. We have the solutions ready to help them do just that. “SECURE REMOTE ACCESS: Over the past year our secure hosting service has significantly grown. The com- bined solution of our EnCore ERP, Secure Hosting, and Business Continuity Services enables our customers to remotely manage their operations from order to cash and everything in between. A fully integrated solution allows for easy remote access of important modules such as ecommerce, BI tools, and digital workflows for a low touch and minimal maintenance environment. “UPDATED COST MODELS: In 2020, we released our new Automated Performance Costing module which al- lows our customers to review, fine-tune, adapt their mod- els, evaluate business change impacts, and more…when they see fit. The tool is simple and easy for any business manager to use without the need for complicated spread- Darren Artillio

“AES is also having many conversations with customers around baler replacements and system upgrades to meet increased capacity. Production can quickly come to a halt if the scrap system is overburdened, and no customer can afford that scenario. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses achieve greater profitability, productivity, and sustainability in their manufacturing processes. As a part- ner in process improvement, we aim to offer economical solutions for efficient byproduct handling that will prepare box companies for a successful year ahead. “AES is heavily investing in areas that will continue to improve the customer experience, including the use of our newly created brand messaging in the development of a user-friendly website set to launch this spring. All of our strategic initiatives are focused on finding new ways to equip our customers with the systems they need to adapt to a changing marketplace.” Call (215) 723-7200. Email AMTECH SOFTWARE Fort Washington, Pennsylvania: Darren Artillio, reports, “2020 has been a triumph of a year for businesses in the packaging industry. Not only did they meet the new demands and challenges placed on them by consumers, they have quickly adjusted to business impacts dealt by the pandemic. At Amtech Software, we walked beside



March 1, 2021

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