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“Evolution Bioclean is safe for handling by operators and boasts a high dilution rate so plants can get impres- sive ink cleaning and print quality results without risking operator health or breaking the budget. While Super Bio- clean 5G remains CST’s most requested product for ev- eryday ink chamber and anilox roll cleaning, Evolution Bio- clean is now available for plants who aim to bring their ink removal, print quality, and speed of wash up/set up opera- tions to new heights in 2021. Evolution Bioclean’s solvents and surfactants are fast-acting on print plates and machine exteriors while its biodegradable enzymes are proven to penetrate dried ink deep inside the anilox roll cells and restore cell volume. It keeps the anilox rolls always clean and operators and production teams know they can rest assured of high quality, crisp colors they are allowed to print from the well-maintained anilox roll due to Evolution Bioclean. “CST Systems will work with you to make sure you max- imize your gains in production time and reduced mainte- nance costs when you switch to Evolution Bioclean.” Call (770) 605-7657. Email FUTURA SERVICES Fort Washington, Pennsylvania: Dom Sambucci reports, “2020 has served many technological challenges to the security breaches we have seen. For over the past 30 years we have helped our customers navigate the same type of technological challenges this year has presented with our Cloud Hosting and Remote Technology, Cyber Security Solutions, and Business Continuity/Disaster Re- covery Services. “CLOUD AND REMOTE TECHNOLOGY: Our Cloud Hosting Services enables packaging companies to exit the on-premise physical hardware business and migrate their business applications to a remote, virtual, highly-available, and secure environment. For one fixed monthly fee, you procure only the computing resources needed. As your business grows and changes, you have the flexibility to modify or expand your computing resources without large capital outlays for on-premise hardware that has a fixed life and requires exhausting ongoing and expensive ad- ministration and maintenance. “CYBER SECURITY: The packaging industry is not ex- empt from today’s elevated level of cyber-threats and we all know of companies that have been victims. To keep our customers secure, our Cyber Security Solutions con- packaging industry. COVID-19 has driven employees to working re- motely. Companies have had to manage the complexities of quickly shifting their infrastructure to accom- modate online access needs and address changes in their workloads. Not to mention the uptick in cyber Dom Sambucci


Serving the corrugated box industry since 1991, Chicago- based Corrugator Belt Service LLC maintains corru- gator belts for peak board quality and performance.

C.U.E., INC. www.Anvi

Makers of single and dual-width Timesaver® Anvil Covers, the premier urethane anvil cover for corrugated die cutting. Timesaver® covers feature a unique construction of solid steel backing and solid steel locking components to ensure a precise fit every time – a vital dependability difference that means seamless installation and a perfect cutting sur- face. C.U.E., Inc. also offers Dura-Latch and Cor-Lock anvil covers, in addition to urethane Lead Edge Feed Wheels.


The EMBA group supports a complete line of corrugated converting machinery for the worldwide market. EMBA’s Quick Set technology enables the highest productivity across a broad range of converting equipment, from mini to super jumbo. EMBA also includes the McKinley jumbo line of flexo folder gluers and rotary die cutters as well as ser- vice, rebuilds and upgrades for both EMBA and McKinley.


Eaglewood Technologies is the Anilox Roll Cleaning Ex- pert! We provide the award winning Sitexco Laser Systems, Sanilox™ Systems and Sani-Blast™ Mobile Service. All our systems are safe for the environment and provide proven tested results! Sitexco Laser Systems are the latest technol- ogy in anilox roll cleaning and are perfect for packaging and label printers. Sanilox™ Systems are the global standard of reliable, environmentally safe anilox roll cleaning.


ArtiosCAD and Kongsberg are the most trusted names in CAD/CAM solutions. Esko’s ArtiosCAD is the most widely used CAD software in the world. Esko’s Kongsberg series of tables brings you reliable, outstanding quality for sample- making and short run production.


American manufacturers of split heads, patented roll- er-bearing yokes, gang-slot upgrades, custom rebuilds, and glue systems with electronically-geared speed monitoring. Visit our website for information, tips and techniques.



March 1, 2021

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