By Christopher Michelsen Financial Advisor, UBS Financial Services, Inc. you can retire someday

Y our financial life encom- passes more than your assets. It includes your goals for the future and how you want to live right now. When it comes to retirement, the decisions you make today can have a huge impact on what retirement will be like. Putting in a little extra effort now can pay off for you down the road. If you’re not already planning for your retirement, here are some tips to help you get started. Decide what’s important A good first step is to come to an agree- ment about your goals in retirement. Ask yourself, what do you want your money to accomplish? What do you dream about doing one day? And, here’s one question that couples often forget to consider: What’s happening now that can impact your finan- cial future? For example, are you helping support adult children or your parents? You should think through these important questions and then create a plan to pursue your goals.

Coordinate your strategy for Social Security

Even if you’re not counting on Social Security as a major source of income in retirement, it’s important to know that you have various options to consider. Making informed decisions before you start taking Social Security can lead to significantly higher benefits over the course of your retirement. Don’t forget long-term care planning Life expectancy continues to grow, and many of us are spending more years in retirement. This makes issues like healthcare and eldercare more important than ever. Start having conversations now about developing a long-term care plan. For example, do you envision staying in your home as long as you can? How heavily will you rely on family to provide your care? How do you intend to fund future health and long-term care costs? Here are answers to common questions we receive about retirement.


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