UMS Case Study: Hafslund

UMS’ Address Based Alert Systemwas chosen because of well-refined databases and the ability to reach out to inhabitants in the affected area through multiple channels to ensure a wide scope of recipients and maintain good customer service.

notifications in case of downtime or planned outages. Following up on these expectations in a proactive way, the supplier can significantly cut down time spent on customer complaints and better their brand in the market. It is well known that during a loss of service an inhabitant’s ability to cope longer is dra- matically increased if they are promptly and correctly informed of an outage. UMS IS THE PRIMARY ALERT SYSTEM Hafslund uses UMS as their primary alert system for any unplanned or planned outages. By doing this, they save time and resources on a daily basis. UMS’ Address based alert system was chosen because of well-refined databas- es and the ability to reach out to inhabit- ants in the affected area through multi- ple channels. The system ensures a wide scope of recipients, which helps maintain good customer service. Data from Hafslund’s own contact regis- ter was not sufficient for creating alerts and for sending out information to all

affected people. The reason for this was that they could only record a maximum of one contact person per household, and in most cases they only had one contact person per apartment complex. The integration of the UMS platform with their GIS provider, Smallworld Systems AS, was imperative to ensure an effec- tive alerting process, and to make the job easier for the employees in their operations and customer departments. In case of a breach in delivery, Hafslund uses the GIS system to track the affected addresses. After pressing the alert button, the ad- dresses are automatically imported into the UMS platform with all relevant con- tact information. From there Hafslund can create the content of the alerts and choose communication channels with

ease. Once an alert is published, the UMS platform handles the dissemination to all selected channels (SMS, voice call, Face- book, Twitter, Hafslund web-page and CAP) to residents in the affected area. Hafslund has used the system in both small and wide-scale live situations, and the feedback from both Hafslund and the customers has been very positive. Hafslund uses far less time in handling customer complaints and have received positive press coverage due to their pro- activeness.


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