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Meilleurs Voeux Å Best wishes 5 ideas for fun in the snow


1. Snow pain ঞ ng. Mix water and food coloring in plas ঞ c containers to make your paint. Use a paintbrush or pour the liquids into spray bo ‚ les to create snow art. 2. Frosted bubbles. On a very cold day, blow soap bubbles onto a branch, fence post or snow and watch them freeze. It’s beau ঞ ful! 3. Scavenger hunt. Make a list of items to collect outside like pinecones, rocks, twigs, feathers and dead leaves. If necessary, ask an adult to help you. Can you fi nd everything around your house? How long does it take you? 4. Headless snowman. Make a snowman with only two snowballs. It should be about shoulder height. Take turns standing behind it to make it look like the snowman has your head and arms. Don’t forget to take silly photos! 5. Hide and seek. Hide and seek is fun, but it can get cold if you have to stay s ঞ ll for a long ঞ me. Instead, try having one person hide an object while everyone else races to try and fi nd it. Enjoy the joys of winter!

Is the ground covered in snow? Are you looking for some outdoor fun? Here are fi ve ideas that may inspire you.



Joyeux Noël et bonne année! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! TOUCH OF DISTINCTION


Que la paix et la joie soient des vôtres à Noël et toute l’année. May you find peace and happiness this Christmas and throughout the coming year.

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