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So we found out that going into the fourth quarter of this year, we are No. 1 in Florida for VanDyk. Of course, we decided to celebrate by doing a football-themed video spoofing "The Office." Back in September, right before the start of the fourth quarter, we were crunching some numbers and realized that I was the No. 1 VanDyk loan officer in the state of Florida and No. 2 in the nation. This was awesome! Our whole team really worked their tails off this year, and it showed. I wanted to celebrate and keep that momentum up through the end of the year, and there was only one way to do it. If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve probably already seen our self-proclaimed masterpiece. Ashleigh, our marketing specialist, and I wrote the script together, trying to creating something funny without losing sight of our goal. I wanted to make sure this thing was done right, so I called the main office for VanDyk Mortgage and asked them if they would send out our video guy, Kyle. Ten minutes later, they called back to tell me that not only was Kyle all over the project but also they loved the idea so much that they were going to run a contest among all the VanDyk offices to see who could make the best football-themed video for the quarter. I know I’m probably biased, but I think ours is the best, and not just because I spent 15 minutes doing high knees because someone kept laughing and ruining the take — more on that later. Our video is the best because my team did such a great job. Karen, Donna, and Ashleigh were all-in with the plan. They really wanted to make something good. In between takes, they were hard at work studying their lines, and they performed so well on camera. Their commitment really makes the video work. I also need to thank my buddy, Coach Travis Smith, for taking part. He’s the head football coach at Mariner High School, and he came in to help bring us over the top. Honestly, I think Travis missed his calling. He’s a fantastic football coach, but he was so funny in the video. I swear, he should have been a comedian or

an improv actor. He’s great on camera. Sure, he kept laughing during the most physically demanding scene in the video, so we had to redo the take, but the final product is so good, I’ll give him a pass. Even Travis’ bloopers were funny, which is why we released a blooper reel a few days after we released the video. Within 10 days of releasing “4th Quarter!” on Facebook, we had 5,400 views and over 100 comments. It was really cool to see how people responded to it. I thought it was pretty funny, so it’s nice to know other people really enjoyed it. If you missed our comedy masterpiece, you can find it on our Facebook page at or on our YouTube channel, Tim Hart. As proud as I am of the video, I’m even more proud of what we’ve accomplished this year. Being so highly ranked in Florida and the nation among VanDyk loan officers is no small feat. My goal is to hold that position until the end of the year. We’re almost through the fourth quarter, but I’m not going to get too comfortable. The game’s not over yet. “Within 10 days of releasing '4th Quarter!' on Facebook, we had 5,400 views and over 100 comments.”

P.S. We won the video contest!

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