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D ecember 2019

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M agic M oments


Shelly Coffman

I love to break things down for maximum understanding, and comprehending how Disney creates and brings that magic to life is the real enchantment. About seven days in, I askedmy husband howmany times he had been to Disneyland in his youth. Two. He was the one who wanted to go on each ride four times, especially all of the latest and greatest rides. My tactical trip planning included a stop at the Tiki Roomwith DoleWhip, as well as the night show at each of the parks and character meet and greets. I knewmy daughter would remember the feeling of Disney more than the rides, and I wanted the reflection on the magic to be the predominant feeling. My husband wanted to do ALL the rides time and time again, but with each show, he was delighted and impressed. He wouldn’t have chosen those experiences for himself but couldn’t stop talking about howmemorable they were after. Watching somany families decked out in matching gear, teenage schoolmates all wearing their“ears’,”and grown ups excitedly doing character meet and greets, and in particular, the differently abled experiencing the magic with their loved ones, I realized that cultivatingmagic in our lives isn’t limited. Disney just provides an exceptional and efficient magic laser delivery system. My wish is that you choose the fantastic sometimes, the little“extra,”and the incredibly memorable experiences you’ll have. I know my daughter will look back on this forced march all over Disney with fondness and probably won’t remember that the insane step counts.

For a family vacation this year, we opted to pair

a busy conference in Orlando with a

DisneyWorld trip. Having never been to DisneyWorld

myself (and being the only one going to the conference), it sounded oppressively busy. We made the overly

insane choice of heading to Disney parks for eight days over a two-week period, with four days of conference in the middle. For me, it was survival mode from the get-go (and hadmany“Why didn’t we just go to Mexico?” moments). We spent somany park hours, and walked SOmany steps in those two weeks. Spending somany days meant we were able to go to each of the four parks more than once as well as a“bonus”Disney water park visit. We made it on each of the new, highly desirable rides (without having to spend hours in line) and were wowed each time. One of the rides we so great that we hoped to hit it twomore times during our stay. For this one special new virtual reality type ride, we were able to ride three times with some military-like planning. On the third ride, my daughter commented at the end that she had grasped how the ride worked, and how she pieced together what she understood about the machinations of the experience. Initially, I was a little sad she was taking apart the“magic.”But then, I realized she’s a lot like me. I hadWAY more fun on the scariest roller coaster the fourth time than I did on the first because I could see the inner workings and how they enhanced the ride experience.

A nd W hy Y ou S hould S tart

It’s no secret staying active is essential to your overall health. Sports like soccer, basketball, and football will get your blood pumping, but some sports offer more benefits than others. Here are just a few to consider if you want to blast your workout into the stratosphere. S quash Often crowned as the No. 1 healthiest sport, squash does it all. As you play, your body is in near-constant motion while you chase and hit a small ball around an enclosed court. Tests performed on 190-pound individuals showed that, in just 30 minutes, you can burn upward of 500 calories! You’ll also increase your aerobic fitness, boost your flexibility, and hone your agility. Squash also sharpens hand-eye coordination and concentration as you keep track of the ball. If squash were a superfood (there’s a pun in there somewhere), it’d even beat kale.

–-Shelly Coffman

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