Y8 Bulletin 26.04.24


We are now truly back into the swing of things. In our second week we certainly have been busy.

The Year 8 RE trips began this week with students attending the Buddhist temple on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. A number of students returned from the trip much more relaxed after learning much about the mindful ways of Buddhism. I know that the students were appreciative of the trip and saw the close connection to the studies they have been doing in RE over the last two years. On Tuesday students Ms Tongue delivered an assembly about ‘Misinformation in the News’. The students were very well behaved and I know that they saw a lot of relevance from the presentation to the subjects they are studying. There were some great takeaways from the presentation, mainly that ‘fake news’ or ‘misinformation’ are not new things. These are issues that have existed in societies for thousands of years. What is different about it in today’s society, is the technology that delivers these messages (social media, AI etc.). I encourage all parents to engage with their children about these issues. There are plenty of great discussions to be had. I wanted to give a special mention to 8PWA for achieving the highest attendance of any Year 8 form. I know that they were appreciative of the Pizza Day they celebrated on Tuesday. A big thank you to Ms Wallace and Mrs Denbury for organising the event, the students behaved brilliantly. A final mention to Mr Reynolds’ Ultimate Frisbee club that is on Monday’s after school. I know a few students have attended already, however Mr Reynolds is always looking for more participants.






Year 7 Netball vs Twickenham


WON 14-1


Please contact us with any queries or problems you may have. To get in touch with a member of staff from your child’s year group, you can: Send an email to KS3@waldegravesch.org Or you can contact the school via phone by calling: 02088943244 WALDEGRAVE SCHOOL Fifth Cross Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5LH HOW TO CONTACT YEAR 8 HEAD OF YEAR AND TUTORS ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ by Suzanne Collins The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is the prequel to the popular Hunger games series. This book follows the story of a young President Snow (or Corialanus Snow, as he is called in the book). The story features the 11th Hunger games and focuses on the surprising talent of District 12’s tribute, Lucy Gray. If you like the dystopian genre and lots of action, this book is a ‘must read’! To me, the themes of friendship and betrayal were very strongly portrayed. I liked how the story progressed and the very shocking ending really stayed with me. With the release of the movie last year you can watch it, too! ~ Recommended by Ada (7PUN)

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