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2017 W alter R. C ohn , E sq . M emorial EXPO By Brandon Buhai, Door and Window Guard Systems, Inc. DAWGS Vacant Property Security Survey: Steel Shines

randon Buhai, VP of Marketing at DAWGS (Door and Window Guard Systems) recently con- ducted a survey about vacant property security. The goal of the survey was to poll inves- tors, owners, rehabbers, asset managers and sellers of vacant property to understand the is- sues they face when securing a vacant property in economi- cally distressed areas. The survey also provided insight into the preferred method/ material used to secure a va- cant property in economically distressed areas. Brandon and the DAWGS team have long promoted the benefits of steel over alterna- tive materials when it comes to securing vacant property. The survey validated that steel is the preferred material used by vacant property owners and managers to secure their properties. The survey also highlighted some of the con- cerns vacant property stake- holders face. Brandon noted “The survey validated much of what we have been promoting about the benefits of steel for strength, security and accessibility to vacant property. We also gained insight into the vacant property security concerns unique to each stakeholder.” Preferred Material to Secure Vacant Property The survey revealed that when securing property in economically distressed areas, hands down, steel is the pre- ferred material over plastic clear boarding and plywood: Wood board up 7.14% Plastic board up 7.14% Steel board up 85.71% Vacant Property Security Concerns The top vacant property se- curity concerns were different for realtors, for owners and for investors. Realtors top concern was safety when showing a property. For rehabbers, the main concern was theft of ma- terials or tools from the jobsite. Investors and asset managers were concerned about the li- ability of fire or crime at the property. Where all respondents did agree - was that steel is their material of choice used to se- cure vacant properties. Steel was revealed as the best choice to mitigate the risks associ- ated with securing vacant property in economically dis- B

tressed neighborhoods. The top security concerns for the entire respondent base overall (shown right): For anyone who works with vacant property in economi- cally distressed areas, prop- erty managers, asset manag- ers, rehabbers or realtors, the material used to secure and protect their property inter- ests really does matters. It is clear from the DAWGS vacant property survey that steel is the material of choice. n

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