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September 2017


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his month, my family and I are finally settling down in our new house. That’s a big step for anybody, but it’s a huge step for us because this is our first home together! Truthfully, I’ve been renting for 16 years. I’ve moved on average once a year since 2001; the longest I’ve lived during this time was our most recent apartment, where we spent the last three years. HOME AT LAST T

Buying a house has been a long road. Timelines aside, there’s the money required, not to mention the patience. My family of five has enjoyed our tiny Scottsdale apartment, but it has not been easy keeping out of each other’s personal space at times. The house is something I am very proud of, but it is also a symbol of how far Design Pickle has come. A few years ago, I had an idea about this pickled-themed graphic design company. That’s all it was — an idea. And from that thought, my team and I have built something that creates massive impact and value. My home is a physical manifestation of that value. It’s weird to think about an idea becoming a house, but that’s exactly what happened! And now we’re here. The inspections are over, we closed, the moving is done, and “The house is something I am very proud of, but it is also a symbol of how far Design Pickle has come.”

the unpacking is in progress. The kids are in their own bedrooms instead of air mattresses or hotels; it’s the most stability we’ve had since our six weeks in Belize. Our target now is to put down roots. We will never stop traveling and experiencing new parts of the world, but now we have a home base to build from. We’re plugging into our local community, getting more involved in our church, and moving forward from our new foundation: the house that pickles built. There are a lot of ways to create value, and at Design Pickle, I am not the only benefactor of our impact. We have created more than 100 full- time careers, we serve thousands of clients, who are impacting their local communities with our work. Most importantly, we serve our vision to change lives with our creative services and products, every single day.

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