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EXPERT LESSONS Advice to Newbies from an Industry Veteran

"Some of the most satisfying experiences come when you get to help people find relief in their own home."

As we close out 2018, there’s no group of people I’m more thankful for than my technicians. At Aire Serv of the Mid-Hudson Valley, we seem to have had one of our busiest years, due to a long, hot summer that scorched its way through the East Coast. Yet, my technicians didn’t falter, and I’m proud to say they rose to the occasion. This makes me feel confident in the state of my business. As I’m finishing my tenth year as an HVAC business owner and my seventh year serving under the Aire Serv umbrella, I’m always looking for ways to make sure this company is a self-sustaining machine of high-quality craftsmanship. These technicians sure do help with that. I remember when I first started in the HVAC industry nearly two decades ago. Luckily, nothing too traumatizing happened, so I don’t have vivid memories of my first service call. I’m sure I had to call my boss a few times to evaluate what I was looking at, but as I’ve grown in the industry, I’ve gotten better at troubleshooting problems. Through my experience, one of the best lessons I’ve learned is that sometimes when you’re looking at a problem, it can look more complex than it really is. The intricate wiring and often-complex pieces and parts in and around a heating system itself can overwhelm any newbie. While learning to perfect their craft, young technicians should know they are not just HVAC experts. They will have to know a little bit about electrical work, plumbing techniques, and construction methods, too. Some of the most satisfying experiences come when you get to help people find relief in their own home. Maybe you solve a problem that no one else could seem to figure out, or you install a cooling system for a family that has never experienced an air conditioner in their home before. Their satisfied reaction says it all.

There’s good news for young technicians looking for their first happy customer: This industry only wants to see you succeed. Schooling is available at many technical schools, and once a fresh technician enters a business, there is often an apprenticeship-like program to help train them. At Aire Serv of the Mid-Hudson Valley, all of our new technicians undergo about two years of training with one of our experienced technicians. We invest a great deal in our employees, and we love when they stick around to serve the community with what they have learned. As I continue into the tail end of two decades in the HVAC industry, I’m happy to see the interest we’ve been receiving lately, especially among younger generations. It looks like we’ll be getting more and more technicians fresh out of school coming into our industry, and we welcome them.

Luckily for my business and our customers, we have some of the hardest- working technicians in the business, and they proved just that this past year.

Happy holidays, and have a great new year!

–Jim Serra

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