NHS-RD-E-Brochure round 2 (final draft)


W e are a core team of health and education professionals sharing over 80 years of combined experience. We work closely with a cherry- picked list of over thirty associates, whose specialisms range from all things creative to scientific, to make sure we always bring the right people together to make a project happen. Providing strategic support to build research, development and innovation capacity throughout health and social care organisations in the region is our main goal. To collectively optimise R&D in terms of personnel and processes, we use our five C's approach ,

which focuses on building and maintaining Capacity, Collaboration, Community, Creativity and Connections , in health and social care research. We can help at any stage of the research journey, whether it’s the contemplation of a research career or the completion of a research project. To support development, we aim to fuel people and organisations with a passion for research and help them to connect with like minded people. Want to find out more about the individuals we work with? Check out our website.


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