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Dear Minneapolis families,

Last year, we developed ‘Minneapolis School Finder’ with and for families to help them make empowered, informed decisions when selecting a school. Our journey started by listening, then co-designing with communities; through those efforts, 6,500 families and partners across the city utilized Minneapolis School Finder. To develop the second edition, we spent countless hours with families – learning how we could make it even more useful when searching for the right-fit school for their student. In response to feedback, we now make additional objective, reliable information about schools available to you and your family, including demographic breakdowns of academic performance by race/ethnicity, kindergarten readiness and more. We believe you deserve to know what each school has to offer academically and culturally, regardless of school type. That’s why we stand by this comprehensive guide, and welcome your feedback on how we can continue to make relevant information available on our city’s schools. You can email us at: . We wish you the best in your search for the school that meets the needs of your student, because a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t meet the needs of all students.

A great education for all students, regardless of what street you live on, is possible together!


Iris Altamirano Member, Leadership Council MN Comeback

Rashad Turner Director of Community Engagement MN Comeback


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