2019 CF Kenya Welcome Package

Preparing for your trip

Travel doctor As you prepare for your ME to WE experience, we recommend that you visit a travel doctor. At ME to WE, we cannot provide advice on specific medications or vaccinations you may need for your trip. The advice given to you by a travel doctor will depend on your past medical history, and will ultimately be your decision. We suggest going to visit a travel doctor two to six months before you depart on your trip. When you visit the travel doctor, you can let them know: ► ► You will be in Nairobi for one night at the beginning and one night at the end of your trip. ► ► You will be in the Maasai Mara region for the majority of the trip. ► ► Please note that this information is exclusive of any extensions or personal travel you do before or after your ME to WE Trip. If you are booking an extension, please speak to your trip coordinator for more information on the regions you will be visiting.

Health reminders ► ► We provide filtered drinking water for all guests throughout the trip. If you wish to bring a personal water bottle, please feel free, otherwise you will be provided with one. ► ► The health questionnaire that accompanies your registration forms is completely confidential and will be used so that medical personnel may make informed decisions in the event of an emergency. ► ► Please inform us of all medical conditions and medications you are currently taking and bring an extra supply of medication for the trip.


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