Hy Stix - Eco Flex Straws

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Eco Flex Straws

• Ma d e f rom Corn - based pla s �c c al l ed – PLA • H a v e a flex in the st ra w tha t al lows it to ben d a t v ar ious an gl e s • In div idual ly w rap p ed f or sani t a�on • Mee t A STM D 6400 f or compost abil ity

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Descrip � on

Case Size


STR E -P LA -F L - 8 WT-PW

E co Fl e x St ra w 8" W h it e P a p er W ra pp ed

7275 Fi�h Line, Milton, Ontario, L9E 0G1

511 Foods er vic e. com


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