De Wave Group - Corporate Presentation (17)


January 2014 De Wave has been established as a spin off of Demont S.r.l., mainly operated in industrial and maritime plants and maritime interior business. In the newly founded De Wave, Demont transferred all the activities in marine interior business (cabins, bathroom units and public areas such both in newbuilding and in refitting/maintenance).

December 2015 The management team and Xenon Private Equity Fund, leader in the investments in the small and medium company sector in Italy, have acquired 100% of the share capital of the De Wave.

March/April 2017 De Wave has strengthened his market position with the acquisition of Precetti Group, which will provide a long experience and specialization in refurbishing as well as the complementing industrial sectors such as the catering areas.

De Wave Group is now a leading company managing about € 150 – 200 millions turnover across the world, able to serve effectively its main Customers (both cruise lines and shipyards) also on very large projects.


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