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Back in the day Let’s be real for a second, ok? In general, teenagers aren’t the easy population to get engaged in something beyond their own tight social circles which, oftentimes, live inside their smartphones. The STEAM Centre wants to change that, and one of the ways they are endeavouring to open a world of possibility to the teens in our community is through their new street art workshop, available this fall.

www.villagerpublications.com The STEAM Centre has never offered a program of this kind before, and it’s a very exciting proposition for everyone: “I’m excited to see where the students go with it themselves. We’ll open up the world to them, expose them to all of the different ways and traditions of [street art]. What’s exciting for me is to see them take the lead and figure out what’s interesting to them and apply that in our downtown for all of us to enjoy,” Jessica explains. For more information about the program, contact the STEAM Centre at (226) 212-0048 or by email at: info@steameducation.ca Komoka/Kilworth/Delaware Issue #25 September 2019 www.villagerpublications.com Publisher and Editor Barb Botten Villager Publications P.O. Box 134, Lambeth Station Ontario N6P 1P9 Barb@VillagerPublications.com 519-282-7262 Graphic Artists Jon Botten Writers Lisa Brandt, Beth Moyer, Donna McManus Rick Young, Barb Botten To advertise: 519-282-7262 or barb@villagerpublications.com We look foward to hearing from you! “We know about the STEM m vement, but our approach has always been to include art in there (STEAM). Everything around us has to be designed, prototyped, tested, and then the design brought back to who you’re designing it for. This program allows us to look at art first and then bring in the technical sciences, which is kind of opposite to the way we’ve been doing things,” says Jessica. “You can use these different pieces of technology to elevate art.” In addition to the initial donation, the benefactor has also offered a $2,000 scholarship for ne member of the first cohort of students in the program to do a street art project in partnership with Railway City Tourism. The program will run for approximately 6 weeks. Over the course of the program, participants will learn about the history of stre t art, graffiti, tattoo artistry, etc. They will learn from local artists (such as those who recently painted the boxcar m rals!) about their craft, and then learn how to use technologies to bring their own artistic visions to life. “It’s about showing them new ways of expressing themselves on a grand scale,” says Jessica.

Overlooking the Thames river from the Komoka Bridge Photo by Milan Botten The Thames River in Kilworth in 1936 Photo credit: Middlesex Centre Archives Lorne Thompson Collection We want your stories! Do you have a personal story, know of an event or perhaps have information that might lead to a story in the KKD Villager? We want to hear from you! Email Barb at barb@villagerpublications.com Open to teenagers between 13 and 18 years old, the program came about as the result of an anonymous donation to the Centre that included a directive to do something with the funds that connected rt and STEM. “The individual specifically wanted to get more teens engaged in the community, and I agree. Teens The STEAM Centre is located at 168 Curtis St.

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Jessica Cornelis

Cathy Fallowfield

Dianne Ennis

Julie Begeman

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Komoka Bridge Posted by Ronald Doane in 2013

It is likely one of many springs which were located along the north shore of the Thames River between Kilworth and the bridge near Delaware Speedway. There was a stone trough on the hill north of the Speedway which caught the spring water and many used it as their source of drinking water. It was closed over twenty years ago due to contamination. It was located on the faint line to the right of the # 16. The famous Wishing Well Spring was located about one and a half miles to the east of this photo. It was at the end of Jeffries Road, south of Glendon Drive.

About 1933, the property along the river bank containing the spring was sold to National Dry, a bottling company located on Richmond St., just south of the CNR tracks in London, Ontario. They put a stone trough in to catch the water and trucked the water, in 8 gallon milk cans, to London where the spring water was used to make Wishing Well Orange, a non-carbonated drink when it was first bottled. The overflow from the trough flowed about 50 feet before dropping into the Thames. The 1937 flood washed the bank out right up to the trough. Prior to this time, they had established a park which was open to the public on weekends except during the winter. My parents had a booth there where they sold pop (Wishing Well), chocolate bars and ice cream which they must have kept cold with blocks of ice as there wasn’t any hydro that far down that road.

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Ron Doane and the Wishing Well Farm by Beth Moyer

Ron Doane, born in 1934, is a well known local historian. He is well-connected in the Kilworth, Delaware and Caradoc area as his family ties are linked with names such as Kilbourne, Woodhull, Uptigrove, and of course Doan (sometimes spelt with an e on the end). The Kilworth area was founded by these families and Ron has numerous stories to share. His family farm, known as the Wishing Well farm, was named after the waterfalls that cascaded over the steep embankment and into the Thames River at the end of Jefferies Road in Kilworth. An excerpt from the book Kilworth - The Woodhull Settlement gives the story of Ron and his early years on the Wishing Well farm. Ron’s story of the family farm in Kilworth Heights is as follows. “My parents, Edgar (1902-1966) and Hazel (nee Uptigrove) married in 1930 and took over the Wishing Well farm from Granddad, Alex Doan. In 1933 he sold the riverbank property of about 12 acres to National Dry, a soft drink bottling company located on Richmond Street between Horton Street and the CN Railway in London.”

frozen as there wasn’t any hydro there, not even to the farm, until the 1940s. Prior to the development of a subdivision, called Kilworth Heights, there were only four families who owned this land; the Matthews, for about 12 years, the Moores about 36 years, the Parsons about 48 years and the Doans for about 70. We left the farm in the spring of 1938 when Granddad and Uncle Tom moved back to this property.” The London Free Press ran an article on the Wishing Well farm, dated May 31, 1966, the year Ron’s father passed away. It focussed on Earl Doan (Uncle Tom). The article by Margaret Phillips is entitled “Once Upon a Time A Castle Was Built at Komoka”. The article talks about the Wishing Well farm and gives information of one of its earliest owners, Stephen Moore, third Earl of Mount-Cashell. Moore arrived in Canada circa 1830`s and is attributed with the naming of the village of Kilworth. This village surrounded the little stone church known today as Kilworth United. The church is in good repair and remains quite active. For more details on the Kilworth area please see the book Kilworth-The Woodhull Settlement. Kilworth-TheWoodhull Settlement book can be purchased at Hyde Park Feed & Country Store on Gainsborough Road, Bookmarks The Spot onAdelaide Street in Mt. Brydges, Dishington`s Tearoom in Lambeth or at the Komoka Railway Museum. Contact Beth at 519 686-0951 or email bethads@rogers.com Bottles of Wishing Well drink. The clear glass bottles contained the orange pop and green held the gingerale. These bottles are part of the collection that Joe Byway has at his farm.

“My parents had a frame booth built on an old Model T frame by Wilbur Arrand of Komoka. One side had doors which folded down to make a counter where my parents sold National Dry gingerale, Wishing Well soft drinks, chocolate bars, cracker jack and ice-cream. They must have used bricks of ice to keep it Edgar Doane with son Ron, 6 months old, at Wishing Well booth in the National Dry park at the foot of Jeffries Road, Kilworth. Photograph was taken in 1934 and was provided by Ron Doane.

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Delaware 1970 - 1981 from Byron Advocate 1981

SKA NAH DOHT in the Oneida language means – a village stands again. In 1970, Mr. Irving Chrisjohn, of the Oneida settlement dedicated the erection of an Indian Village on the Lower Thames River Conservation Authority Land. Through the dedication and hard work of many people involved, the village opened in 1973. It remains a fascinating attraction for people visiting the Longwoods Conservation Area. Although the Delaware Lions Club had just been formed in 1971, they became a major force behind the building of the Delaware Community Centre. The Lions pledged $20,000 to the building fund and worked diligently until its completion in 1974. The community and the club’s enthusiasm resulted in an excellent building containing: a 50 x 60 auditorium, banquet room, general meeting rooms, council chamber and offices, kitchen facilities and library space. Lions Club president, Ken Werbowski, was a perfect example of the enthusiasm shown by the club. Ken sat on a flag pole, for one whole day, during a thunder storm, to raise money for a community pool!

Delaware Store at Doon Pioneer Village Photo Credit: Middlesex Centre Archives

Photo Credit: Middlesex Centre Archives

Older residents of Delaware will remember the giant’s grave. It was a great mound of earth on the outskirts of town and everyone insisted a giant had been buried there many years before. Or they may remember going to Blue Lake, on the Quirie Farm, and swimming in summer or getting ice for the ice box in winter. Others may recall Guy Lombardo playing in Delaware before the family became so famous.

The newcomers to Delaware will create their own history and tradition and someday, somebody will write their story. Delaware’s almost 200 years old and it’s mainly because of the quality of its people. Delaware International Speedway draws large crowds each summer weekend and features late model and street stock racing. The excellent reputation of the track and quality of the drivers is making the Speedway well-known over a wide area. Each Friday night, whole families start to fill the stands and await the 8:00 PM starting time. Everyone has their favourite drivers and the families find it a great evening’s entertainment.

Delaware Speedway – Photo Credit Gary Bishop

When the township offices moved to their new location, the Presbyterian Church was once again put up for sale. The church was purchased by Mr. Paul Hurdle. The building was to be used as his private residence and Mr. Hurdle began extensive renovations in 1974. The results of his efforts are a beautifully unique home, retaining all the charm of its past.

Joseph Montour near Ohsweken, Ontario - Delaware/Iroquois (Cayuga) - 1936

Hwy 2 just east of Delaware 1950 – Photo Credit LFP Files

Middlesex Centre Archives – Ron Doan

Delaware today, is a study in contrasts and really the best of both worlds. As more city dwellers discover the charm of the area, beautiful new homes are rising just a few acres away from the original Victorian farmhouses. New businesses are opening as neighbours to old established ones. The Delaware General Store still stands on the main corner, and its owner Mrs. Ruth Ruda, is very proud of its history. Although the school at Sacred Heart is no longer in operation, Father Lee works daily producing HEART CASSETTES for shut-ins and hospital patients. The tapes are sent, free of charge, all over the country.

To advertise here please contact Barb@villagerpublications.com We hope you have enjoyed these articles on Delaware. Thank you to the people of the community for their help. We would especially like to thank George Tunks, Ruth Ruda, Father Lee and the librarians of the Middlesex County Library in Arva. To one very nice gentleman of Delaware, who wishes to remain nameless – a very special thanks! I can’t help but think that probably Ebenezer Allen and Gideon Tiffany are standing on the hill overlooking Delaware Speedway each Friday night. Although nobody can hear them, they’re most likely cheering on their favourite driver. All in all, I think they’d be very proud of their town!

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Council Communications

Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying these last days of summer as we all settle back into our fall routines. With the start of the local harvest, it is the perfect time to visit the Komoka Farmers’ Market held Saturday mornings at the Komoka Wellness Centre. Or, take in all the fun at our area’s best fall fair – the Ilderton Fall Fair that runs September 27 - 29. Our Municipal Council is back to its regular schedule, meeting every second Wednesday evening in Coldstream. Agendas are posted on the Friday preceding the meeting and can be accessed on the Municipal website (www.middlesexcentre.on.ca Click on the LIVE tab – View Council Minutes and Agendas). Staff is already hard at work setting the municipal budget for 2020, and we want to hear from you! Last month MXC hosted an online survey to gather your thoughts on priorities for the

coming year. In September we are holding two public information sessions on budget-related topics. The first is set for September 11 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Coldstream Fire Hall, and will focus on how the municipality manages its assets like buildings, equipment and vehicles. The second will take place September 25 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Coldstream Fire Hall, and will look at how your property assessment (through MPAC) affects your taxes. I hope you’ll be able to join us at one or both of these informative sessions. As always, if you want to speak to me about your ideas, thoughts, any issues – please reach out to me!

I’ll look forward to hearing from you, Aina Aina DeViet, Mayor Tel: 519.666.0190 X234 E-mail: deviet@middlesexcentre.on.ca | www.middlesexcentre.on.ca




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Let the Good Times Roll in Lambeth! by Gloria Rae

Where Crossings Restaurant in Lambeth was situated at 2300 Wharncliffe Rd., South, there now stands the just recently opened Union Pub. With an extensive menu and full bar and patio the new owners and crew want it to be the community “go to spot” for quality food, beverage and entertainment. Just the local pub you drop into on the way home for a pint, or the place to take the whole family for dinner, or maybe when you and your other want a chance to just go out for the night. Union Pub rotate their craft brews continually, have weekly specials, brunch and special dinner features (on Sunday) and generally just want to offer the local communities their friendship and superior service and fare. Friday is Family Night. Union Pub has a great kids menu but on the back of that menu the kids are ask to create their own favourite dish; then a draw is done from that Friday’s participants and whoever’s dish is picked, that item goes on the following week’s kids menu and all proceeds from the purchase of that dish is donated to a local charity. So for example if “Matty’s Macaroni & Cheese” was chosen then next Friday “Matty’s Macaroni & Cheese” is on the menu. The child also wins a $25. Indigo gift card for their efforts. Union Pub calls this their “Little Chef Challenge”. There will be Live Music each Saturday night starting at 7 pm so make sure you come out and enjoy a “Hot Time in Lambeth” each Saturday night! Then come back on Sunday with the family and enjoy a wonderful brunch or make it in the evening for Union’s dinner feature. Also note that Union Pub has a separate private room available for rent for family functions, business or group meetings, stags & does, or just to book for private parties and functions. Union Pub will create special hors d’oeuvres and appetizers, menus whatever you need for your function. So come on into Union Pub, take a load off, relax and enjoy yourself today.

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District A-1 Lions International Youth Exchange

Builds bridges of Understanding and Peace-One Friendship at a Time The July 26 closing ceremonies at Mt. Brydges Lions Park, marked the end of another very successful youth camp. Ten youth, from three continents, paraded their home flags and gave presentations. I felt a sense of pride, when David Mozny from the Czech Republic and Alessandro Tesse from Italy, took their turn. David’s sense of humor and Alessandro’s style and technical savvy, really shone through. We were their first host family during their 30-day stay. A second host family followed for the next 10 days. The last 10 days were spent at the Lions Park camp. It featured planned excursions to Toronto and Niagara Falls and various Local Lions club activities. David said that the square dancing was “pure joy.” Prior to the ceremony, the host families shared a final meal with their youth and reminisced about the time they spent together. Archery, wake boarding, guitar, canoeing, and visiting family and friends were listed. Both boys agreed that the Canada Day fireworks display, after the London Majors baseball game, was the best they had ever seen. They eagerly told us stories about their own homes and cultures, while savoring root beer, poutine, maple syrup and Canadian bacon for the first time. Host families are supportive of each other. On occasion, we partnered with Carolyn and Allistair Cameron. Trips were arranged with their youth Rosalie and Milena, to go with ours to Stratford and East Park Gardens. Everyone loved the costumes at Stratford and the East Park water slides and go-carts! Carolyn and Allistair have been hosting youth for over 40 years. I agree withAllistair when he questions who benefits the most from the exchanges, the youth or the host family. Hosting presents, a rare opportunity to interact and engage with international youth while at home. In our area, the youth exchange program has been underutilized in recent years. Kilworth, Komoka and Delaware families interested in future youth exchanges, can contact their local Lions or Lioness Club. Young Adults from the area, from any walk of life, who are interested in finding out about a Lions Club that targets young adults are invited to contact Kyle at kyle.e.boutilier@gmail.com

Allesandro go-carting at East Park

Kudos to Curtis Marwood and Cheryl Schleihauf for an exemplary job of organizing all aspects of the 2019 exchange and camp program. By Delaware Lioness Donna McManus

David and Allessandro playing guitar

David bow shooting

Carolyn, Milena, Rosalie, Allessandro, David and Allistair

David and Alessandro at a London Majors Game

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Whats Happening in KKD September Komoka Community Events Komoka Y - 55 + Day All year round

Thursdays 6 am to 2 PM Access everything for free Weight room, equipment, fitness, walking track 9 to 12 Pickle Ball 9:30 to 10:30 Group Power - Strength Training | 11 to 12 Yoga Komoka Library – All year round Monday 2 to 3:30 - Cards & Games (Monday Moments) Tuesdays 6 to 7:45 - Knitting & Crochet (Stitch & Chat) Saturdays 10:30 & 1 – Family Movies | Mondays 10:30 Story Time Tuesdays 10 to 11:30 Early On Play & Learn Komoka & Area 55 Plus Club, Pickle Ball All year round pickle ball Wednesday 10 to 12 Delaware Community Centre Wednesday 7 to 9 Komoka Community Centre Thursday 10 to 12 Komoka Community Centre Thursday 1 to 3 Delaware Community Centre Friday 10 to 12 Komoka Community Centre & Delaware Community Centre All Ages – September 10 through to May Tuesday 9 to 10 High Mobility Exercise Class - Komoka Community Centre Monday 9 to 1 Komoka Community Centre Monday 1 to 3 Delaware Community Centre Tuesday 12 to 3 Komoka Community Centre Call Vickie 519-657-6278 for more information Euchre – monthly event through to May Sept 7 - 7 pm Euchre Komoka United Church Call by Friday 519-657-1459 to reserve your spot Scrapbook Get Together Saturday Sept 28th - 9:30 to 4:30 - Komoka United Church (519-657-8282 to reserve (((…..see flyer also)))) Komoka Community Market September Saturdays 9 to 12 - Komoka Wellness Centre Attention Komoka Area Scrapbookers Come join us for a day of scrapbooking Share your ideas and learn from others too Saturday Sept 28th - 9:30 to 4:30 | $10.00 - Lunch Provided Komoka United Church 110 St. Lawrence Ave. Komoka (Behind the old Foodtown) “Bring what you would like to work on and your own tools” Gifts & Door Prizes Sponsored by Komoka United Church RSVP to Faye at 519-657-8282 ~~ Space is limited Tuesday 10:15 to 11:15 Line Dancing (Beginner) Wednesday 1 to 3 Line Dancing (Intermediate) Wednesday 3 to 4 Line Dancing (Advanced) Badminton Tuesdays 730 to 930 – Komoka Community Centre Women’s Volleyball – All ages Mid-September to April - PLAYERS NEEDED Tuesday 7 to 9 – Parkview School

Kilworth United Church Presents   Go  Local Dinner  

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28th@ 6:00pm   Maple glazed pork  tenderloin, grilled vegetables, beans, etc. with   apple  crisp  for dessert. All  local produce used  for  the dinner.     Adult-­‐ $17.00   Children  (6-­‐10yrs)  -­‐ $7.00   5 & under-­‐ Free  

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Belvoir Estate The guided Nature and Bird Walk takes place on Sunday, September 8th at 9:00 and the cost is $20 per person. To register, go to http://www.belvoirestate.com

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Leanna Hess of Kilworth and Hayley Paddon of Komoka, became friends at age 3 meeting at Belvoir in Delaware. Now 3 decades later, they have come full circle and spent Canada Day celebrating in their home town of Komoka.

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Local creative art at Camp Woodeden

Local metal artist Rob Mitchell stands in front of one of his latest custom pieces that he created and generously donated to Woodeden Camp in London. Inspired by some oldwheelchair wheels given to himbyWoodeden’s Site Manager and other scrap parts, Rob creatively came up with the concept for ‘The Roadrunner’ which now stands tall and proud on the grounds at Camp for everyone to enjoy. Joining Rob are Woodeden campers Stella, Asha and Kaydence. Middlesex Policing Committee By Ron Wagler, Middlesex Centre Community Policing Committee Chair Get Prepared for Back to School Safety! It’s back to school time! As school doors open, traffic gets a little heavier on our streets. People are back from holidays, school buses are on regular routes, and more people are walking, cycling or driving to school. 1) Observe School Zone Speeds Although you should always obey posted speed limits, it is especially important during the school year. Children crossing the road on their way to and from school can easily get distracted and step into harm’s way. Slowing down and being vigilant is crucial to keeping kids safe. 2) School Buses Make sure children wait well away from the road and stay back until the school bus makes a full stop and the doors open. Explain that they must walk at least three metres away when crossing in front of the bus so the driver can see them. When driving your car near a school bus please note that extra caution is needed. You shouldn’t pass a school bus when the signal lights are flashing (as children are often crossing the road at that time), and drive slowly as a general precaution. The Middlesex Centre Community Policing Committee is a group of community volunteers dedicated to improving the safety and well-being of residents in Middlesex Centre. To found out more join us on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the Komoka Community Centre at 7pm.

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