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Back in the day Let’s be real for a second, ok? In general, teenagers aren’t the easy population to get engaged in something beyond their own tight social circles which, oftentimes, live inside their smartphones. The STEAM Centre wants to change that, and one of the ways they are endeavouring to open a world of possibility to the teens in our community is through their new street art workshop, available this fall.

www.villagerpublications.com The STEAM Centre has never offered a program of this kind before, and it’s a very exciting proposition for everyone: “I’m excited to see where the students go with it themselves. We’ll open up the world to them, expose them to all of the different ways and traditions of [street art]. What’s exciting for me is to see them take the lead and figure out what’s interesting to them and apply that in our downtown for all of us to enjoy,” Jessica explains. For more information about the program, contact the STEAM Centre at (226) 212-0048 or by email at: info@steameducation.ca Komoka/Kilworth/Delaware Issue #25 September 2019 www.villagerpublications.com Publisher and Editor Barb Botten Villager Publications P.O. Box 134, Lambeth Station Ontario N6P 1P9 Barb@VillagerPublications.com 519-282-7262 Graphic Artists Jon Botten Writers Lisa Brandt, Beth Moyer, Donna McManus Rick Young, Barb Botten To advertise: 519-282-7262 or barb@villagerpublications.com We look foward to hearing from you! “We know about the STEM m vement, but our approach has always been to include art in there (STEAM). Everything around us has to be designed, prototyped, tested, and then the design brought back to who you’re designing it for. This program allows us to look at art first and then bring in the technical sciences, which is kind of opposite to the way we’ve been doing things,” says Jessica. “You can use these different pieces of technology to elevate art.” In addition to the initial donation, the benefactor has also offered a $2,000 scholarship for ne member of the first cohort of students in the program to do a street art project in partnership with Railway City Tourism. The program will run for approximately 6 weeks. Over the course of the program, participants will learn about the history of stre t art, graffiti, tattoo artistry, etc. They will learn from local artists (such as those who recently painted the boxcar m rals!) about their craft, and then learn how to use technologies to bring their own artistic visions to life. “It’s about showing them new ways of expressing themselves on a grand scale,” says Jessica.

Overlooking the Thames river from the Komoka Bridge Photo by Milan Botten The Thames River in Kilworth in 1936 Photo credit: Middlesex Centre Archives Lorne Thompson Collection We want your stories! Do you have a personal story, know of an event or perhaps have information that might lead to a story in the KKD Villager? We want to hear from you! Email Barb at barb@villagerpublications.com Open to teenagers between 13 and 18 years old, the program came about as the result of an anonymous donation to the Centre that included a directive to do something with the funds that connected rt and STEM. “The individual specifically wanted to get more teens engaged in the community, and I agree. Teens The STEAM Centre is located at 168 Curtis St.

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To advertise here please contact Barb@villagerpublications.com Hometown St. Thomas • September 2019 • Page 17 St. Anne’s Anglican Church (Byron) Sunday, Sept 8 - Gathering Sunday There will be a brunch following the JOINT 9:30 service Music by El Sistema South London Sunday School begins NEW starting Sept 8 - CHILDCARE for infants & toddlers during 9:30 service Regular service hours of 8 and 9:30 a.m. begin Sept 15 NEW starting Sept 16 at 7 p.m. Monday Evenings at Bernies Join us at Bernie’s in Byron if you would like to chat about faith issues with Ken & Nigel - Fall dates Sept 16, Oct 21 and Nov 18 AWelcoming Place to Nurture Faith and Engage Community. 1344 Commissioners Road W., London N6K 1E1 www.stannesbyron.ca 519-471-0800

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