Board Converting News, August 2, 2021

SCE Keynote Speaker Richard Boyd To Address AI, Machine Learning Richard Boyd, CEO and co-founder of Tanjo AI, an award-winning machine learning (ML) company, will ad-

lizes gaming technology and AI. Boyd and his teams work with a wide array of industries outside of manufacturing, including energy, healthcare, defense, education and mo- tion pictures. Tanjo AI is an award-winning artificial intelligence and machine learning company dedicated to achieving bal- ance between human and machine interaction to optimize outcomes. The company helps customers gain greater business insight and drive actionable innovation. Tanjo is a recent XPRIZE semifinalist for its Community Confidence COVID-19 machine learning dashboard. Boyd will share his expertise and experience in helping companies leverage AI and machine learning to optimize processes across the supply chain. Specifically, machine learning can be used to continuously ingest and organize all the digital content in supply chain processes. “It is possible for an artificially intelligent machine

dress the impact and uses of AI and machine learning on the corrugated industry supply chain during his keynote address at Su- perCorrExpo 2021 on August 9 from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m. Boyd is a serial entrepreneur, tech consultant, celebrated au- thor and sought-after speaker on

Richard Boyd

virtual worlds, computer gaming, machine learning and human/computer interfaces. He is also co-founder and CEO of Ultisim Inc., a simulation learning company that uti-

learning system to detect what process a per- son is trying to execute and immediately bring resources to bear, without requiring the user to be adept at search or meta-tagging,” said Boyd. “This represents an unprecedented op- portunity for humans and machines to effec- tively collaborate towards a common goal.” As the corrugated industry continues to face the challenges and opportunities of E-commerce-driven growth and the need for more sustainable processes, Boyd sees op- portunities for OEMS, box-plants, and suppli- ers to drive ROI, enhance productivity, and maximize process improvements. “Every organization of any reasonable size is spending time thinking about the transfor- mative powers of machine learning and the corrugated industry is no exception,” said Boyd. “In this era of accelerating complexity and accelerating demand for corrugated pack- aging, prior methods are proving quickly to be insufficient. Fortunately, new tools like ma- chine learning are emerging as powerful aids to augment our past methods and help auto- mate some of these daunting tasks.” Boyd’s keynote will discuss methods for combining machine learning technologies with sources of data, knowledge, and experts to amplify business intelligence to ultimate- ly drive value across the corrugated supply chain. His goal is for attendees to leave with a better understanding of Machine Learning, how Machine Learning can be applied, and the need to develop a Machine Learning strategy to improve business outcomes. “It’s an exciting time for the corrugated in- dustry and I’m looking forward to meeting with and learning from the industry’s talented pro- fessionals in Orlando,” said Boyd.


August 2, 2021

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