Board Converting News, August 2, 2021

New P+PB Communication Initiative Emphasizes Sustainability, Forests The Paper and Packaging Board’s (P+PB) How Life Unfolds campaign recently launched an integrated communication effort with sustainability messaging at the center. The initia- tive includes a content rich microsite, imaginative animat- ed video, colorful digital banners, and print ads targeting the Paper and Packaging Board’s (P+PB) custom consum- er audience, Expressives, with a focus on 18-34-year olds and new platforms, including TikTok, to reach them. According to a Sustainability Positioning and Mes- saging Research study conducted by P+PB and Isobar in 2020, 58 percent of consumers believe U.S. forests are shrinking. However, forests in the last 30 years have in- creased by over 33 million acres. The same P+PB study also indicates that once consumers were made aware of the industry’s sustainability efforts that protect forests and habitats, along with product innovation stories, they ap- preciated the paper and packaging industry and its prod- ucts more. “In order to bring the sustainability message to life, we created a world that would appeal to both the young and young at heart – a world awash in color and optimism where we can show consumers that their choices matter. Ultimately, we want them to know that when they choose and recycle paper and paper-based packaging, they are a force for nature,” said Mary Anne Hansan, President of the Paper and Packaging Board. In partnership with New York City content marketing agency, Manifest, the Paper and Packaging Board created a campaign focused on the circular story of paper prod- ucts. On the air, screen and printed page, viewers watch the transformation of paper-based packages take flight. Consumers learn about the kinds of products their recy- cled material can become. Research suggests that this knowledge encourages consumers to recycle more. “We wanted to show how simple choices, like choosing paper, can have a big impact on the environment and do it in a way that had some magic to it,” said John Hobbs, Creative Director at Manifest. “Animation allowed us to do that, to show the transformative nature of recycling and forestry in a simplified, vibrant, positive way.” The creative assets feature a new 15-second video that plays to consumers’ increased use of e-commerce to talk about the importance of recycling and another 30-second and 15-second video focuses on how paper and boxes can be recycled up to seven times. The new print ad talks about the circle of care paper companies are engaging in to nurture and grow forests. Together, the creative shows consumers that when they choose paper and paper pack- aging, they do their part in helping the environment. The integrated communications effort will be executed across the full range of media channels and through PR initiatives. To learn more about the Paper and Packaging Board’s new initiative, visit .



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August 2, 2021

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