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_______Consider pre-marital counseling _______Start health & fitness plan if you're not already in one! _______Select your reception location _______Select your professional photographer _______Select professional caterer (if necessary) _______Select Musician or Disc Jockey _______Select your florist _______Shop together for your wedding rings _______Select wedding dress, headpiece, and set a date for fittings and delivery _______Select your bridesmaids' dresses and accessories _______It's time to choose a honeymoon and location 4-6 Months Prior To The Wedding _______Check the requirements for a marriage license _______Reserve your wedding day rental equipment _______Decide upon a gift registry and select your gift choices _______Order your invitations and related stationery needs _______Start shopping for the men's’ wedding attire _______Reserve your wedding day transportation

6-12 Months Before Your Wedding _______Select a Wedding Date and Time _______Announce your engagement in the paper

_______Plan an engagement party with family and friends _______Talk with a bridal consultant or wedding coordinator _______Find out what bridal shows are in the area and plan on attending _______Agree on a preliminary budget _______Decide who will pay for what and how expenses will be shared _______Call your church or synagogue for an appointment with the Officiant _______Ask friends and family to serve as wedding attendants _______Start your wedding guest list _______Start ideas for your reception and catering plans _______Determine what type of entertainment you want _______Decide the type of wedding you would like to have (size, formality, and setting) _______Explore color schemes

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sleeping accommodations _______Check with your florist to make sure they will arrive when scheduled. Your Wedding Day _______Allow at least 2 hours for dressing _______Allow plenty of time for makeup and style your hair _______If photographs are to be taken before the ceremony, allow plenty of time for that! _______Remember to bring the rings and marriage license _______The groom’s parents should be seated about 5 minutes before start time _______Mother of the bride is normally seated last _______Take a deep breath, don't worry, be HAPPY and SMILE!

_______Research and select readings for ceremony _______Make music selections for ceremony and reception _______Decide upon and order favors _______Select your baker, choose your cake, & groom’s cake _______ Help both mothers coordinate and find their dresses _______Review your contracts with your service providers 2 Months Before Your Wedding _______Have engagement portraits taken _______Place your engagement announcement in the newspaper _______Mail out invitations and announcements _______Decide on the men's’ wedding attire _______Arrange and plan your rehearsal dinner _______Purchase your wedding day accessories _______Arrange attendants' parties _______Prepare accommodations for out-of-town attendants and guests _______Consider a hairdresser and/or makeup artist and book appointments _______Finalize all honeymoon plans 1 Month Left! _______Final wedding dress fitting _______Final fitting for your wedding attendants _______Obtain marriage license _______Have your attendants' parties _______Create a calendar of events for the wedding day. _______Make sure your accessories are in order (rings, pillow, garter, etc.) 2 Weeks Remaining! _______Finalize arrangements with the entertainer(s) _______Provide a list of music you would like played _______Finalize music during special events such as first dance, dance with dad, etc. _______Pick up your wedding rings and make sure that the engravings are correct - Make sure they fit! 1 Week To GO! _______If you can, take the week, or part of it, off from work! _______Make sure your marriage license is in order _______Prepare seating arrangements, if necessary _______ Confirm honeymoon reservations _______Pack your baggage for your honeymoon _______Have your wedding ceremony rehearsal _______Instruct your wedding party on what they will be doing on the day of the wedding _______Have your rehearsal dinner _______Make sure all wedding attire fits properly _______Give the best man the amounts your vendors are to be paid on the day of the wedding _______Inform your caterer of the total guest count _______Confirm out-of-town guests have transportation and

Removable Sleeves Versatility is key when dressing fresh and staying comfortable during your wedding day. With remov- able sleeves, brides are free to quickly change the appearance of their dress as the event progresses. Designers have created attractive gowns with puffy sleeves, off-shoulder slips and even removable bell varieties. Ballet Inspired If a princess-inspired wedding dress is more your taste, you won’t be disappointed by the ballet-in- spired trend upcoming for 2020. Find your inner ballerina with leotard underlays and even classy tutu-inspired skirts. You are sure to make a statement during your first dance as a couple and turn heads throughout the entire event. T-Shirts How does a T-shirt fit into a classy and elegant wedding? This year’s fashion show featured stunning gowns with lacy sleeves that resemble the comfort- able attire. Don’t dismiss the fashion statement these unique gowns make before seeing yourself in one during a fitting.

Each season, designers debut their latest wedding dress creations. The features for 2020 make a bold statement while celebrating the class and grace brides deserve. If you’re still looking for the perfect gown to wear down the aisle, consider one of these trending ap- proaches to help you stand out on your special day. Half-Skirts This design commonly features a sheer overlay, with the half-skirt circling back half a shift. It is an ele- gant way to define the waist while creating a visual aesthetic to accompany a beautiful dress. Brides and designers are raving about the half-skirt because it is easily removed to transition from wedding to recep- tion mode without the hassle of a major change. 3D Floral In most of the country, spring is known for the wel- come return of beautiful blooms after an uncomfort- able winter. While floral has always been a popular addition to wedding gowns, the illusion of a three-di- mensional portrait gives the style a more modern feel. While many of this year’s featured dresses are white, a designer may be able to custom build your gown to feature colorful accents.

Dressing the Gents Similar to bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire can be dependent on the venue and overall event aes- thetic. While a suit can fit the bill for a country club wedding, a city affair may call for the sleek finishes of a tux. Tuxedo accessories, such as cuff links or bow ties, make great groomsmen gifts and are classic pieces they can use time and time again. Creating the Perfect Registry When building a registry, it’s never too early to start. People want to give gifts as soon as they know a couple is engaged. Start by taking inventory of what you already have, what you need and what you want to upgrade. It’s also recommended to update the registry regularly so there are enough gifts to choose from, especially if there is an engagement party and bridal shower coming up. To get started, some pop- ular registry items include stand mixers, craft beer glasses, Dutch ovens, bath towels and vacuums. For extra guidance, couples can speak to advisors who can help with the full registry building process at Macy’s stores. For more wedding ideas and inspiration, and to find the right attire and gifts for your wedding planning, visit

(Family Features) First comes the proposal then comes the wedding planning. There are dozens of decisions that need to be made before it’s time to walk down the aisle, which can be overwhelming for brides and grooms. To help make it less stressful, these tips from Macy’s can help couples through the entire wedding-plan- ning process, from on-trend apparel and accessories for the entire wedding party to all the essentials to create a perfect registry. Dressing the Ladies When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, the mix-and- match approach is trending in popularity. Start by deciding on a color palette, such as lilac, champagne and petal pink. Then have each bridesmaid choose her favorite style within that range of hues. Bring it all together by choosing a uniform look for makeup, shoes and accessories. There is no better time to thank the ladies than the morning of the big day. A few thoughtful gifts can go a long way, such as matching robes, tumblers to stay hydrated throughout the day and cosmetic cases to stow makeup essentials.



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One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is decorating the venues where you will say your vows and celebrate afterward. Spring encourages colorful displays of bouquets, romantic centerpieces and attractive treats. If the adventure of planning a wedding doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, hiring a planner can take much of the stress away. Allow them to be creative while sticking to your greatest desires. The event’s image will stay true to your expectations while taking the brunt of the responsibility off your shoulders. Whether you decorate yourself or hire an expert to help, here are some ways to make the most out of the spring atmosphere while making your wedding experience one to remember forever. Beautiful Color Palette Choosing a venue like an arboretum, conservatory or greenhouse can create a beautiful atmosphere for a spring wedding. Once you have the perfect place in mind, take advantage of attractive colors that are naturally present during this comfortable season. Flowers featuring pastel hues, buoyant blossoms and

cheerful colors make a great contribution to a gor- geous backdrop. If you’re hosting an outdoor event, ask the venue owners about which flowers are typi- cally in bloom during the month of your scheduled event. Spring-Themed Centerpiece Create an amazing display at your reception venue by building spring-themed centerpieces. For your guest tables, consider wildflowers overflowing from vases, sprigs of accent branches and astounding blooms. The bride and groom’s table should feature an im- pressive display of flowers related to your color pal- ette. Think seasonal springtime flowers that give your table plenty of pop. Peonies offer beautiful colors and boisterous blooms that serve as a perfect addition to your celebration photos. Hiring a local florist is an efficient way to obtain the most attractive blooms to give your wedding a nat- ural appearance. Ask your friends, family members and colleagues if they know of any local professionals who can add some flair to your floral arrangements and centerpieces.

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Spring temperatures make the season an enticing time for brides and grooms to celebrate their union. The comfortable climate affords outdoor weddings with beautiful views and an exciting atmosphere. However, spring’s wet weather can demand you to completely change the plan for your big day and it can leave your guests out in the rain if you don’t prepare. Since most weddings are planned long in advance, it’s important to have both a wet and dry weather plan in place. If you’re dedicated to hosting an outdoor event, find a venue or planner who is efficient when making quick adjustments. With details for both types of events in place, you can enjoy your special day without worry. Backup Tent or Venue Most spring climates in the United States will be comfortable enough for an outdoor wedding. The problem many run into is precipitation. If your chosen venue doesn’t feature a building dedicated to indoor events, ask the owners if a canopy or tent is permissible.

Make sure to bring this up during your venue visits to learn their rules about bringing tents on the prop- erty; some may prefer you to work with a specific vendor. It’s important to inquire about additional fees from the venue and receive a quote from a tenting company to add to your wedding budget. Other Concerns Another outdoor wedding concern should be the condition of the grounds. Even if your big day isn’t spoiled by rain, previous precipitation can create muddy or slippery conditions. When viewing an out- door venue, ensure they have a walkway of concrete or stone that leads to the altar. Wind may be another factor that can spoil your exciting event. If it is in the forecast, make sure all your decorations are secured. Rain Accessories When there’s a chance of light showers, a simple canopy and items like umbrellas or ponchos can keep your wedding guests comfortable. If it is in your bud- get, try to color coordinate the accessories to your theme.

The events during your wedding day can often give you butterflies or feelings you aren’t familiar with. The entire wedding party may find themselves ner- vous about making a mistake during the ceremony. A rehearsal is a great way 
for everyone involved to familiarize themselves before the big day. A rehearsal should involve the entire party, especial- ly young children who may be a flower girl or ring bearer. They should understand the importance of their role and exactly what is expected of them. Don’t be impatient if they don’t get the hang of it the first time. Here are some tips to throw the perfect rehearsal so your wedding can go on without a hitch. Lining Up Decide which of your party will be accompanying each other down the aisle and in what order. Many brides choose to sort appearances by height or fac- tors like how long they have been friends. This order should be discussed before the rehearsal, so each member knows where to line up. You should also determine the pace you wish your party to travel down the aisle. Plan to choose a point

for them to stop for a photo opportunity before the next couple begins. Take the time to practice this until you are satisfied with the progression. A quick tip for success is to ask your wedding par- ty to wear the shoes they will use at the event. This makes it easy for them to get a feel for walking in heels or uncomfortable dress shoes. Test Equipment Once you are confident that your wedding guests are proficient in the wedding process, you should ensure the equipment that will be used is working properly. Test lighting fixtures or spotlights if they will be in use during the ceremony. It’s also beneficial to check the sound equipment if you will be playing music to accompany you down the aisle. Unless you are hiring a professional to operate these important details, give the task to a trusted guest from the wedding. Celebrate with Dinner After the rehearsal, reward your friends and family for their hard work and dedication to make your wedding day special. An affordable meal and cel- ebration is usually a grand gesture that everyone appreciates.

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Planning a wedding requires a lot of moving parts and the list of available wedding professionals is long. How do you know which one you need to enlist while stay- ing true to your budget? These are some common experts who can take the stress of planning a wedding off your shoulders and allow yourself more time to enjoy the experience. Planning Service Hiring a wedding planner is a great way to ensure all the boxes are checked before the event. You should ask yourself how much help you will need. Here are a few things to expect when working with an expert. Consultation: During the initial meeting, you should express your expectations for the wedding. They will discuss available packages and determine if they are needed for full service, day of coordination or both. Find a venue: Based on your specifications, a planner can show you different locations to become the setting of your dream day. Big day: If you hire a full-time planner, they will be a

crucial component during each aspect of the wedding event. They are efficient ensuring vendors are setting up correctly and providing direction to your wedding party and guests. Photographer Of course, one professional present at nearly every wedding is a quality photographer. Through their vision and direction, images of your special day will be captured forever. Before hiring this expert, ask for referrals and examples of their previous work. You should be clear about the type of photos you want pre-wedding, during the event and those after the vows. Florist To get the most out of the beautiful blooms of spring, a local florist is an efficient expert in creating center- pieces, bouquets and accents. If you’re traveling for a destination wedding, research experts in the area for the best results in a location you are not familiar with. Keep in mind, most communication will likely be done through phone calls or emails, so it’s imperative to cover your wishes with great detail.

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Drink Stand After cutting it up on the dance floor, your guests will undoubtedly be thirsty. Quench their thirst by offer- ing their favorite drinks in an eye-catching manner. To add a variety of color to your bar, use clear glass pitchers and fill them with a variety of drinks like lemonade, fruit punch and tea. You may consider creating separate areas for alcohol- ic and nonalcoholic drinks so that every guest feels comfortable. Delicious Desserts One of the most underrated aspects of the reception meal is the dessert. This portion of the menu has a chance to leave a lasting impression with your guests and inspire them to use your ideas in their own future events. A staple at most weddings is a delicious and beau- tiful wedding cake. Ask a decorator to design the centerpiece with floral colors that match the rest of your event’s pallet. You should also take advantage of in-season berries and fruits for a garnish to make the delicacy even more attractive. In addition to a spring-themed cake, consider of- fering other appealing desserts. Colorful pies and cookies can satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth and are a welcome addition to the buffet of any spring wedding.

Make your spring wedding unforgettable by taking advantage of the incredible elements the season pro- vides. The sights and smells of blossoming flowers will already create a stunning backdrop. Adding these gorgeous accents can add even more excitement to your day of wonder. Spring also presents more options for the clothing you choose. The right style will not only make an impression in photos, but lightweight material and soft colors keep your friends and family comfortable. Try to have fun with bridesmaid dresses by encourag- ing your girls to choose similarly designed outfits in different shades of color. Here are some other spring-themed ideas to create a wedding that you won’t forget. Outdoor Dance Floor Consider a venue that offers an outdoor dance floor to share your special moments under a star-filled sky. The logistics of setting up a reception outside can require more planning than an indoor venue. Talk to the owners to ensure their floorspace will fit the num- ber of guests you expect and if they have electricity to power your band’s or DJ’s equipment.

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Gown alterations: 7 things every bride needs to know By Chris Christen / World-Herald staff writer Oct 9, 2019 Fit is everything when it comes to a wedding dress. Here are seven key things to know about bridal alterations. 1. Plan to order your dress eight to 12 months in advance of your wedding and stay on schedule. “Having your dress in and waiting in alterations for a couple of months is always less stressful than wait- ing for the dress to arrive and cutting it short for alterations,” says Tracy Ponec of Rhylan Lang in the Old Market. If you’re planning a fall 2020 wedding, it’s not too early to begin dress shopping. 2. Be aware that seamstresses are extremely busy during prime wedding alterations season, April through October. As soon as you order your dress and have an approximate delivery date, it’s a good idea to reserve a spot on a seamstress’ calendar. Rhylan Lang makes in-salon alterations available to brides who subscribe to its VIP service. “When the dress arrives, we store it until it goes into alter- nations and never has to leave the store until you pick it up a week before your wedding,” Ponec says. 3. Budget for alterations. Most seamstresses who specialize in bridal gowns charge per service rather than a flat rate. Customizations beyond simply fitting the gown — adding lace or beading or re- shaping the silhouette, for example — can add up quickly. “There’s no way to give you an average (cost) for alterations,” Ponec says. “There are too many variables from dress to dress.” Consulting with a seamstress or a knowledgeable dress consultant before you buy is one way to make sure a dress still falls within your budget after alterations. 4. If your bridal consultant recommends a custom measurement, opt for it. Some designers offer the option of a specified hem length. The customization, known as a hollow-to-hem measurement, in- volves a charge that’s often comparable to having the dress altered by a seamstress, Ponec says. “If a custom measurement is beneficial to the bride, we’ll highly recommend it,” she says. That’s often the case with a petite figure, in order for the dress to be in proportion to her height and build. 5. Consider your fabric choice. The slinkier the fabric, the harder it will be to fix the fit if you gain or lose weight. A dress with all-over lace or a high-low hemline poses different alterations challenges and considerations. And added expense, if an alteration can be done in the first place.

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6. Wear your wedding shoes for both your gown arrival appointment and your fitting. Opt for a hemline that grazes the ground so you can walk, dance and mingle comfortably, gracefully — and safely. 7. Bring your undergarments and accessories to the gown arrival appointment so you can see your overall look. Bring a friend, too. An extra set of eyes at your fitting is always a good idea. Choose someone who has a great sense of style and an opinion you trust. Before the alterations stage, take these dress-shop- • Watch what you say while the bride is changing behind the curtain. She can hear you. • Wait for the bride’s reaction before offering your opinion. “You can really break a bride’s spiritwith negative comments,” Ponec says. Remember: “You’re not the person wearing the dress.” If a style or fabric isn’t the most flattering, say, “I like other things better on you,” or something equally constructive and/ or tactful. • If you’re pulling gowns for the bride, it’s OK to knock her out of her comfort zone – to a point. “The goal is to find the dress that she feels the most comfortable in,” Ponec says. Not something that speaks to you. And brides: ping tips to heart. For bride tribes

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• Don’t plan more than two store visits in a day. And if you don’t love to shop, hold your store visits to one per outing. “If you’re not a spur- of-the-moment decision-maker, don’t rush it,” Ponec says. • That first dress-shopping experience can be overwhelming. Use it to rule out, narrow or affirm a particular style or silhouette. “On the other hand, if you’re feeling it and love it and ev- eryone is there, by all means say yes to the dress,” Ponec says. “Dress shop ping is all about making you feel beautiful. A bridal gown should make you feel beautiful.” If it does, it’s The One.

No More Toasters, please: the modern gift registry is all about experiences

By Chris Christen / World-Herald staff writer | Oct 9, 2019 More and more couples are straying from traditional gift requests. That’s not surprising, with the average age of first-time brides and grooms pushing 30 and second marriages on the rise. “A couple who is getting married in 2020 probably has lived together for awhile and already has two toasters. They don’t need a third,” says Dana Osborne of Dana Osborne Design. Her observation in helping couples with their invitations and enclosures: “They really just want cash.” Experiential gifts, such as a gym membership or a gourmet coffee subscription, are becoming more and more common. Ditto for gift cards for airline tickets, hotels, restaurants, etc., for date nights and getaway weekends. Thanks to the prevalence of online registries, few gifts are even brought to the actual event any more. Couples should register six to eight months before the wedding, giving guests plenty of options for that perfect gift. Trending for 2020: Money Cash is always popular, especially

if a couple is looking for some extra spending money for their honeymoon or trying to save for a house. Some wedding registry options fill that need, allowing couples to register for anything from adventurous experiences to a down payment. How do you word that on your details card or wedding website? “It can be a touchy thing,” Osborne says. “Make it warm and fuzzy.” Say something like, “We’re saving for the vacation of our dreams” or “We’re building the home of our dreams.” Charity instead Some established couples would rather see money for a wedding gift go where it might be needed more. Osborne’s brother and sister-in-law got married at Christmas and asked guests to join them in making a contribution to a local food bank. The gesture, she says, captured the spirit of the season. In another situation, a bride’s younger brother had died from brain cancer, so the newlyweds asked guests to donate to a nonprofit organization that had helped the family through a difficult time.

“Every couple seems to have an organization that’s really close to their heart,” Osborne says. If you have a special fund for receiving cash gifts, include the website on your details card. Where to next? Millennials place a high value on experiences. Things that allow couples to spend more time together, doing activities that brought them together at the start of their relationship, is a great idea for a gift. Things like camping and hiking gear or luggage. At Enchanted Honeymoons Travel, couples are registering for fun honeymoon excursions such as deep-sea fishing and zip-lining. Even spa treatments, says Enchanted Honeymoons’ Andy Baker. “Especially for people living together, they don’t need things for the house,” he says. “It’s a way to have those extra experiences on your honeymoon.” Place settings, barware Gone are the days of registries filled with gravy boats, asparagus plates and butter knives. Couples are much more eclectic and selective about their at-home experience, says Jodi Farley, a gift sales manager for Borsheims.

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Barware — a favorite with grooms — is extremely hot right now, she says. Must-haves include a fine crystal decanter and double old-fashioned glasses. For everyday use, couples are gravitating toward white ceramic dinnerware, classic stainless steel flatware, wooden salad bowls and metallic martini trays that can double as serving or display pieces, Farley says.

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• Social Security Card • Driver’s License • Vehicle Registration • Car Title • Mortgage/Rent

• Insurance • Library Card • Online Subscriptions • Magazines • Personal Email • Personal Email Signature

• Human Resources • Voice Mail Greeting • Email Address & Signature • Business Cards • Resume • Professional Organizations • Credentialing Organizations

• Debit Cards • Credit Cards • Checks • Passport

• Voter Registration • Gym Membership • Church/Religious Organizations




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